cool weather means knitting

After realizing that fall is here, I decided it was time to pick up my knitting again.  Jack needs a new hat for the fall/winter.  Imagine my surprise that the hat I made him last year, the hat that I made extra big to tide him over an extra season, is too small for my baby boy this year.  So, what is a mama to do?  Well, knit a new one of course.  I am hoping that I can make a matching hat for my hubs as well.  We shall see how long it takes me to knit this one...since Emma deserves a new one as well :-)  I have a lot of hats in my future I guess.

Actually, I have a lot of knitting in my future...I need to start working on my list for Emma.  I also have a few special projects that I am working on for myself...imagine the years I have been knitting I haven't made myself anything except a cowl last year.  And that was mainly because it was freezing out, and I needed something to keep me a tad warmer :-)

Do you knit?  Do you have any projects you are working on?  And are you able to craft for yourself?  Or is it mainly for other people?

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