Our electricity is up this month.  It was bound to happen.  Night is coming a lot sooner now than it was during the summer, and no matter how much I want to go to bed at 7:30pm, it definitely is not happening!  I was a little surprised at the jump though, until I remembered all the canning I have been doing.

We have an electric stove, I wish it were gas, or better yet one of those old wood cook stoves - although that would not be a pleasant canning experience in August.  Not only is it electric, but it is a glass flat top.  I think that technically you are not supposed to can on a flat top stove.  I do it anyways since we have a very large front burner.  But, it takes FOREVER for it to actually come to a boil.  Add in all of the cooking of tomatoes/apples/salsa/etc. on the other burners, and it adds to an entire day of the stove on...for multiple days.  I was thinking that it might be nice to have some type of outdoor stove for canning, but I have no idea how that would work.  How do I keep the jars sterilized, and get them outside without dumping everything?  I'm not that coordinated.  Any ideas?

I need to be more diligent about unplugging as well.  I have most of our electronics on surge protectors, but I have these awesome surge protectors that have "always on" jacks.  Hmmm...I was curious why my computer would continue charging even after I turned the switch off.  So now I have to unplug from the wall, and that is a little more complicated because, if you have read any of my posts about the children that live in this house you will already know why, I have furniture covering just about every outlet...in addition to those lovely outlet protectors.

What do you do to reduce your electricity usage when it starts to get dark out earlier?  Once it gets colder, I'm sure that we will all be snuggling up in bed earlier since it will be the warmest place in the house :-)


  1. I'm pretty sure we've gotten bad about electricity too--hub usually pays that bill and I'm not looking forward to hearing how bad it went out due to the chick's heat lamp! Unfortunately he's gotten into the bad habit of leaving lights on when he's not in the room/garage/etc and I try not to harp on him. Lately in the evenings we've been lighting fires and have yet to turn the heat on here (but it hasn't gotten too below 50 yet either), but the fires also add more light for reading etc. We turn our computers off at night, and unplug most other appliances (like the toaster etc) right after we use it. But it sounds like you're pretty much already doing most of those! :)

  2. I would be interested to see how big of a difference the chicks make in your electricity...since I am still trying to convince Matt to get some :-)


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