finding time

I think my mantra this week will be all about finding time.  Finding time to cook whole foods for my family.  Finding time to play outside with the littles.  Finding time to read the books that I keep requesting from the library even though my stack from the previous week has yet to be touched.  Finding time to work on my crafting.  I am constantly trying to find time to do all of the *things* that I want to do.  How do I prioritize?  It seems like everything is important.

When Matt was traveling last week, I spent a lot of time thinking about goals I have for our family.  I got my trusty notebook and a pencil (you just can't use the computer for these types of things), and I had a brain dump.  I sat up in the craft room with the kids, they played with chalk and colored on the floor - literally the floor - and I sat down in my old lady recliner and started to write.  I have always liked to sit and write down everything I am thinking about on paper, but was inspired to do so last week by project 19 in One Bite at a Time.  Granted, she used one sheet of paper and made kind of a web of information. I am a list maker though, so mine was all about categories with bullet points.  After writing 8 pages front and back, I realized that I needed to sit down with Matt and talk.  Maybe I am spending a little too much time thinking and not enough time doing!

I was able to sit down this weekend and go through pretty much everything that I have been thinking about over the past few months, food, money, self sufficiency, money, food :-)  You know, the usual.  It was nice to hear that we are both on the same page, although not necessarily there at the same time.  We are going to start incorporating a family meeting into our week and also attempting 2 evenings a week for hobby time.  I get a couple hours on Tuesday, and Matt gets a couple on Thursday.  I think it will be good for us to be able to concentrate on something we are passionate about, and it will also allow me to get to work on my list of making for the is kind of a long list!

I'm sure I will be sharing more of my goals over the coming weeks, these are just a couple to hopefully get us more connected to each other, and to ourselves.

What about you?  Do you have trouble finding the time for what you want to do?  Is there something that you see taking your time away?  If you had more time, what would you use it for?


  1. I certainly need more time around here as well - it's funny how it flies by when you don't want it too! UGH!!!! I am glad though that you have been able to write down goals/meals/plans, etc. What a great way to start a new season!

  2. Sounds like a great conversation and I'm glad it have good outcomes. A week night a piece of hobby time sounds fun :) Love the idea. I definitely am caught in the same all-over-the-place due to the new job, but I have noticed that Tuesday nights I make time to just chill out and I'm living for the weekends. I think you've got some good suggestions---always love the list making ;)


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