Forks Over Knives

This weekend Matt and I watched Forks Over Knives.  It was extremely eye opening.  I have been eating a mainly vegetarian diet for some time now, mainly because I don't really like meat.  Don't get me wrong, I do love a good filet mignon, but let's be honest, I am not having that every day...or every month for that matter.  I have long let go of non-local meats/eggs/milk, and that makes it a bit more cost prohibitive.  Although we do go through a large amount of eggs each week...and these end up being cheaper from the farm.

There were a few really interesting points in this movie.  The first is a study that Dr. T. Colin Campbell did with rats and milk protein.  Feeding the rats a diet that included only 5% milk casein and one feeding them 20%.  In the diet with the 20%, the growth of cancer tumors increased, where at 5% it went unchanged.  That made me take a few extra breaths, mainly because I eat A LOT of cheese...

Another point was that Dr. Esselstyn had looked at the health of the people of Norway before the invasion of Germany.  He had a very nice graph which showed the mortality from circulatory diseases.  It was at its highest in 1939, and then Germany came in and confiscated all of the animals to be used as meat to feed their army.  So the people of Norway ended up going on rations which were mainly plant based.  The next year the graph shows a nosedive on mortality, and it continued to go down until 1945 when Germany was gone...and then the line shoots straight up again.  I know that I am not explaining this nearly as well as the movie, but it was shocking to see actual data.

They also talked a little about The China Study, which I had heard several vegan bloggers list as one of the reasons they eat they way they do.  I definitely will need to be reading this book.

I'm sure there are just as many counter points to this movie, but I never seem to hear them, only from what the USDA puts out, and like I have mentioned before I don't actually trust what the USDA says.  I think that my main issues with a vegan diet is the reliance on soy products.  I am not completely sure how I feel about soy.  Well, right now I think that the evidence of soy acting like estrogen is enough to make me not want to eat it or feed it to my kids.  If anyone has some information on soy, I'd love to hear it!

Overall, I was freaking out about what I am eating.  And I think that I eat pretty well!  I get nervous about eating a vegan diet because I don't want to be so heavily reliant on grains and end up gaining huge amounts of weight.  At the same time, eating the amounts of vegetables we would need to feel full (for Matt to feel full), would cost an arm and a leg I think...especially because I try to eat a local/organic diet.

So if anyone out there has any experience with eating a local seasonal non-soy based vegan diet, I would love to hear about it!  Or if you can convince me that soy isn't as bad as I think it is, I can get local organic soy, so it would be fine to include :-)

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  1. Definitely will have to check this out--sounds intriguing! China study is amazing :) Lots of good food for thought here ;)


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