hot and cold

It is definitely feeling like fall up here in Maine.  I was expecting it.  It is Maine after all, and our summers are oh so short, but it still seemed like it came up pretty fast!  Everything is fast these days though, I think it must be the kids, because my days fly by, and I am constantly in a whirlwind!

With fall comes my thinking about heat for the fall/winter.  This is the first year in a while that we have not had tenants, and since we are the ones that control the heat for the whole house, have not had a lot of opportunity to freeze our buns, or even wait to turn the heat on.  Typically, my tenants will call me the last week in September to let me know that they are "freezing" and need some heat.

This fall, I vow to be different!  I am determined to not turn my heat on until November 1st this year.  That does not mean that we will not turn on space heaters, but that is usually just in the morning, and usually just to take the edge off.  And actually, it is less likely that I will turn them on at all because I spend a lot of time cooking and baking in the kitchen in the fall, and that definitely helps to heat up the that cheating?

I also want to keep the heat relatively low in the house.  At night I usually turn the heat down to 58, and have come to realize if it is much warmer than that, I can't breathe.  For some reason breathing the cold air helps me sleep.  We have lots of down comforters and quilts and blankets, so we are no where near cold...until we get out of bed in the I have the human heater that sleeps with me, so that helps!  During the day, well that is kind of up in the air.  I try to keep it around 62 and dress in a lot of layers.  I have fleece buntings for the baby in just about every size up to 2T, and Emma pretty much stays in fleece pants and sweatshirts.  We all have hats that we can wear too.  It may sound extreme, but it seems normal to me, we always were bundled up when I was living with my mom.  Our house had THE draftiest windows/siding imaginable.  I was always cold, so I learned to wear sweatshirts instead of t-shirts in the winter :-)

What about you?  Do you wait to turn the heat on until the last possible minute?  Do you keep the heat low, or have you ever thought about turning the heat down?  With the price of oil the past several years, heating is always at the forefront of my mind.

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