Labor Day Weekend

We had an amazing weekend!  It was nice to have 3 WHOLE DAYS together as a family.  Doesn't happen that often unfortunately!  Saturday Matt's brother and sister-in-law came up with their two adorable girls, and the kids seemed to have a blast.  Emma passed out while playing in the afternoon, and Jack was asleep on Matt's back for a good portion of the morning.  The kids all played together so well, and gave the adults some much needed adult conversation...and a little time to catch up on Dr. Who...

Sunday I spent the majority of the day canning tomatoes.  You would think spending all of that time would have created a wealth of tomato products for my winter pantry...and you would be completely wrong!  I spent a good couple of hours chopping tomatoes, boiling tomatoes, and then trying to push said tomatoes through a mesh strainer for tomato sauce.  I had these grand hopes of having quarts of tomato sauce lining my shelves so that we could use it for pasta and pizza this winter...well...I had good intentions.  I ended up with 3 pints and decided that until I could get an attachment for my kitchen aid next year, we will have to rely on store bought sauce :-)  I did make quite a few quarts of crushed tomatoes though, so all was not lost.  Hopefully I will be able to do a little bit more canning this week...we'll see how cooperative my littles are!  Oh, and of course all last week it was pretty cool here, no humidity, and Sunday when I decided to can, hot, humid, sticky and gross.  Add in the heat from the stove and I probably lost 5 pounds just in sweat...yuck...

Labor Day we mainly hung out at home, spent some time playing and reading.  Very relaxing day, very relaxing weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Here's to the start of fall!

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  1. We had fun too, my friend. Leave it to be the HOTTEST weekend all Summer when you are canning tomatoes. Like a tomato sweat lodge!


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