Over the long weekend I was able to watch a few movies...doesn't happen often...but when I do, I enjoy it!  Without further ado!  My movie watching extravaganza...

First on the docket is the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  I have to say that I have seen this movie before, but I don't remember it being nearly as dramatic as it was this time.  I love Ashley Judd, and she played a prominent roll in this film.  Actually, the reason I love Ashely Judd is because of Double Jeopardy which is one of my all time favorite movies, if you haven't seen it you should.  But, back to the Ya-Ya's, it was a really great movie, and I loved the emotion of this movie.  Also, it definitely made me feel a bit better as a mother overall :-)  Although it was highly disturbing and extremely sad, it was still a nice movie, especially ending so happily.  I like a movie that comes full circle and feels like it is complete, unlike Arlington Road which I am convinced was created just to make me hate it. :-)

The next movie I want to talk about is Nursery University.  Even though I have no intention of sending Emma or Jack into the public school system, I still enjoy watching movies about the process/about school in general.  This movie was extremely eye opening in the fact that parents in NYC seem to get so involved and out of control about what pre-school their child goes to.  I understand that what pre-school your child attends leads to grammar school and eventually high school, which obviously will effect which college you are able to attend.  However, it seems completely ridiculous to 1. spend THAT MUCH MONEY on a pre-school, and 2. that you get so concerned about whether or not it is the "right" pre-school.  I feel like as long as you are an involved parent, whether your child goes to public school, private school, or is homeschooled, you still have the same opportunity as long as you stay engaged.  Of course, I have absolutely no experience with anything school related as my oldest is only 3, but it still seems crazy to me.  I wish they would do a follow up to where these kids are now...highly unlikely, but it would be nice to see what privilege these kids experience due to their option of going to a pricey pre-school.  Although, to be fair, not everyone went to an elite school, some did not get in, and some chose another option.  A couple other school docs I have watched recently are Waiting for "Superman" and Race to Nowhere. Both were excellent documentaries on the charter option that some kids have.

The final movie I saw this weekend?  Well, it would be something that my Emma managed to find on my iPhone...don't ask me how she found it, because she can't actually type...or spell for that matter.  It was none other than Yo Gabba Gabba!.  I would just like to say WTF?!  And then quote a friend's status on facebook:

I figured out the secret to a good children's show - call it educational, but only teach one of two things:
1- Teach that animals, such as bears are fun animals that are safe to be around (too many shows to name here)
2 - teach them what an acid trip is probably like (i'm looking at you yo gabba gabba)

And just so you know, I did turn off Yo Gabba Gabba!  However, she has since found the old Spiderman cartoons...and I'm not sure that is much better :-)


  1. I want to see that Nursery School one, sounds great - I also love that you open my eyes to others (scary, yes but still, important!)

  2. I always like Ya-Ya too---although the last time I watched it was in Louisiana and i thought I'd like it better because I was in the South and in fact, it had the opposite effect. The book is even more disturbing if you've never read it.....

    Love a great movie session! The last movie we saw was Ghost Town and I actually really liked it!


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