Have you joined?  I have.  I have to say that I love it.  It is such a fun bookmarking tool!  I think in recent years the quality of pictures on the internet has really exploded.  Everyone has a fancy DSLR camera, and takes beautiful pictures of what they are blogging.  I constantly bookmark; bookmarks for homeschooling, bookmarks for food, bookmarks for crafting.  Often times I can't remember where the bookmark for such and such a project is, so I have to go through them all.  This is a much better system.  You find something you like, and pin a picture to a board.  Perhaps I should be looking into a new camera for blogging...

I think my favorite category would be food.  There are so many beautiful food pictures out there on the web, with equally delicious recipes attached.  And when I am in a rut to find something for dinner, it is easy to plug in a couple ingredients I have on hand and then get gorgeous pictures of something I could quite possibly make, although potentially not as pretty.

Throughout my entire "organize my home" process, I have been finding inspiration on this little site.  Especially when I was thinking about setting up my school room and craft room.  I love to look at what other people are doing in their own homes, and this is a perfect way to do just that!  And of course it starts me to dreaming about so many other projects I would like to start...even though I have others that have yet to be completed...

If you would like to follow me, you can here. And if you have a Pinterest page, I would love to follow you as well! Please leave a link in the comments so I can check out what you are pinning these days!


  1. Bah-----you're the 3rd person this week talking about Pinterest! :) I'm a pushover and this is making me want to consider it again---haha. Glad you're enjoying it!! If I add one I'm gonna look you up :)

  2. You definitely should! It is a lot of fun...of course it is another time suck as far as technology goes :-)


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