talking in their sleep

My husband talks in his sleep.  He has as long as I have known him.  I remember one story of when he was in college that in the middle of the night he started to have a conversation with his roommate - and they taped it.  I think the entire suite that he lived in had sleep talkers actually...there may have been a little too much booze going on in those days...

There have been occasions, since we have been married, of Matt talking to me in the middle of the night, and I think he is awake.  And other occasions when I am completely in the deepest sleep humanly possible, and he starts yelling about some war that he is fighting in...again...maybe too many video games...and I almost have a heart attack in the process thinking that someone is trying to kill us.

It seems as though my little Emma has developed this tendency to talk in her sleep as well.  And it is insanely cute to listen to her dreams.  "Nana!  Wait for me!  I'm coming, I will take Nala!"  Nala is my mom's dog.  Or "Jack!  Stop taking my toys!"  That's a fun one too :-)  From my experience with Matt, I know that there will be times when she will be yelling non-sense in some made up language that only she knows - or perhaps it is the same one that Matt uses on occasion.  But, for the most part, it seems like she is talking just as she would when she is conscious.

Do you talk in your sleep?  Or have a spouse or child that does?  Is it mainly gibberish, or do you find yourself responding to them because you think they are awake?


  1. So funny! I didn't know this little tidbit about Matt! Riley talks in her sleep all the time too - it can get a little freaky at times so you're in great company. In the meantime - let's teach Matt to share a little with Jack, I mean - there are PLENTY of toys for everybody! ;)

  2. This is super cute :) No sleep talkers here, although I did learn early in marriage that you don't try to wake up an Army man from the deep of sleep (they're trained to sleep on edge so if you startle them, they might wake up swinging!!). Must be crazy sometimes to wake up to Matt but it's got to be cute at Emma's stage in life ;)

  3. Nathan totally talks in his sleep, and if it wakes me up, I think it's funny to respond to him and ask him questions and see if I can keep him going... :)


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