I am getting my tomatoes this weekend, well a bushel anyways.  I don't think I can handle much more than that in one day, I have too many crazy children...oh...only two?  I guess sometimes it appears to be several more than two children...maybe my eyes need to be checked again...

I am actually really looking forward to a good canning session this weekend.  I will pick up my bushel from the Fish Monger (strange, I know), and then can the additional 20 pounds that I have from my garden waiting to be turned into something delicious.  I am planning to make just a basic tomato sauce, crushing the majority, and if I can squeeze a couple more batches of salsa, I will be happy.  I need to buy more quart jars though.  I don't have nearly enough...and I also need more lids.

I am not entirely pleased about using the disposable lids.  One, they are disposable, do I can because I want to throw more stuff away?!  Not so much.  The second part is that there is BPA in all of those canning lids.  I don't know how much BPA actually gets into the food itself, but one of the big reasons I can to begin with is so that I know what is in my food, and BPA is not one of those things that I actually WANT in my food.  I have read in various places that because the lid is not touching the food the exposure is minimal, but I don't know how reliable that is.

One option I have come across is Tattler reusable canning lids, but I'm not sure how well these work, if they are safe etc.  I have read that SouleMama uses these lids, and that seems to be a good recommendation to me.  I have read mixed reviews though, and am not entirely sure they are recommended by the USDA for canning…although…I am not one to really listen much to the USDA…they seem to think that raw milk is bad for you, and agree that Monsanto should own just about every variety of seed gene there is…so they are kind of up in the air to me as far as reliability goes ;-)

Does anyone else have any good canning lid recommendations?  I would love to hear if there are other options out there.  Perhaps I need to get a book on how people stored food before canning was an option…but I would seriously hate to lose my ability to preserve tomatoes…and I’m not sure of another option that doesn’t require some form of energy (I’m talking about you deep freezer!).


  1. My husband and I are relatively new to canning but I have heard good things about the tattler reusable lids.
    I can certainly relate to things seeming to be crazy when the kids are at home. I have 2 teens and 2 smaller kids. The smaller ones make it seem like I have a whole lot more kids than I do.

  2. Jackie, I am pretty new to canning as well, mainly just doing to the tomatoes/jams/jellies/pickles bit, I hope to expand as the years go on. There is something really rewarding about having all that canned food on your pantry shelves for winter!


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