waking up early

I never used to be a morning person, and sometimes I still question whether or not I actually am a morning person.  What I do know is that early morning seems to be the only time that I am able to get some time alone. Do any other mamas have that problem?  It seems like I am always with my kids, not that I don't love them to pieces, but once in a while it would be nice to get up and drink a HOT cup of coffee, instead of the lukewarm cup I often get.  And since we have no microwave...yeah...the coffee continues to get cold.  While I love iced coffee, lukewarm is definitely not my favorite!

I always thought that in college I was a night person.  I would stay up until all hours of the early morn with my roommate watching cheesy movies (which I absolutely love by the way!  Bring It On...Yes please!).  And then I would turn around and set myself up with 8am classes.  I was convinced that if I could get all my classes done  by noon I would have a much better college experience :-)  But here I am, trying to now wake up when I used to go to bed in college...

I've joined in on a little challenge that you can find more about here.  I am really excited about trying to have this alone time in the morning.  Not that I haven't tried before, but now I am signed up and have a group of people to be accountable to...and my husband is finally on board with me waking up SUPER early to have some alone time.  I wish him luck.  We co-sleep with our kiddos, and when one of us gets up, it tends to wake up the entire house :-)

What about you?  Do you like to wake up early?  And how do you keep the kiddos in bed if they hear you waking up?

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  1. Haha I HATE early mornings and am totally a night owl by nature---or a daytime person. But most jobs require an earlier morning so 630 becomes my friend way too frequently! I can totally see your desire for some solo time and think it's a great idea--hope you can carve it into the schedule as it's important too!


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