end of october...already?!

Wow, is it already the end of October?  How did that happen?!  I have been busy busy busy trying to get my crafting done for the holidays, just to look at the calendar today and realize that I am nowhere close to being finished!  Why is it that I decide on January 1st to have a handmade holiday this year, but then am unable to really get going until 2 months before the holiday…2 months…really?!

I guess part of the problem is that I seem to have crazy priorities, like making sure that my food is local, and made from scratch.  That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for me to be able to sit back and knit.  Add to that my crazy children, and it ends up being a jungle!

My goal over the next several weeks is to do something somewhat crafty every day.  Even if it is just knitting a few rows in one of my many work in progress knitting projects.  My hope is that if I continue to do a little bit every day, I will be  where I want to be by the week before Christmas, which is the week that we celebrate with Matt’s family.

Do you have any tips?  Anyone want to come and be a mother’s helper for ummm…six or seven weeks?  Typically I would ask my mom to help out, but she is not around during the week due to working, so I am left by my lonesome…hmmm…what to do! 


  1. I feel you! I cannot believe it is the end of October. Where does time go?

    I too find it hard to get everything done or meet my goals each week... and I don't even have kids yet! Ha! Sometimes I find that letting go of unrealistic priorities (even if just for a time/season) helps balance out my time and helps me tend to other important areas of life. Good luck!

  2. Right there with you - and no tips to share but, isn't it great to know we aren't alone?? Yes indeed!

  3. Hi, Heather! I just started Christmas crafting last week! I, too, waited far too long to start. But, I told myself that whatever I don't make, I will purchase on etsy. That way, I know someone will have handmade it!
    I just saw your comments on my blog- thanks for stopping over! I'm actually now blogging on blogger again, I should probably put a link up :/
    anyways, that blog is love-ned.blogspot.com (we have similar backgrounds- great taste!)


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