fast food

I have a confession.  After all the talk I spout out about eating locally and making whole food choices, I'm not always successful.  Not that someone should only eat local, seasonal food, but it is what I am striving for.  It usually happens out of the blue, and mainly due to lack of planning on my part.

Take yesterday for instance.  My kiddos were up at 5:30am.  Yes, we wake up that early sometimes.  Well, I am always up that early, and more often than not my babes follow suit.  You would think that I had all the time in the world to prepare food for the day, have good, wholesome meals, and get all the laundry done...and you would be mistaken :-)

1:00pm rolls around, the babes are both asleep, and I haven't eaten yet.  What do I do?  Grab a scoop of peanut butter?  Nope.  I call my husband at work (he works down the street), and ask him to go to the grocery store.  Well, it's the grocery store, you can get some decent food there.  I mean most people do, right?  Not me.  I ask him to bring me home potato skins.  And that is what I eat for lunch...and really my only meal of the day because after eating those I felt like crap for the rest of the day.

I don't understand why the request isn't to pick me up a sandwich, or a salad.  Or even a can of prepared beans!  All of that would have been way healthier, and would have taken less time to prepare...but I ask for potato skins...yeah.

What do you do when you are starving?  Do you whip up something healthy?  Or are you like me and buy crazy "convenience" foods that are full of undesirable ingredients because you are blinded by hunger?  Someday I will have a good amount of prepared healthy food at the ready...unfortunately, that day was not yesterday :-)


  1. SO...I thought you made HOMEMADE? Really though - you could have requested much, much worse (gross burgers, fried food, etc) so if this is the worst you do, I think you're doing pretty well. My goal is to eat well 75% of the time and I think we do better so I say, cut yourself some slack! We won't live forever, no matter how well we eat....or will we???? Edward....

  2. Haha....I'm seriously chuckling over here because....I'm a health teacher....I know how absolutely HORRIBLE actual fast food aka drive thrus are and I kid you not with how busy this term has been, I've been going through Taco Bell after my Wednesday night class on the way home almost each week. Although I guess last week I switched to Tuesday and went through DQ for a shake instead. ;) I think potato skins sound fine! ;) Sure you could make them, but they're already made and why not splurge. In reality we can't do it all, as much as we try, or maybe we could but we wouldn't get any sleep at all. I don't plan on eating TB each week for the next year but until I figure out a better schedule for myself I'll let it suffice for peace of mind. So enjoy your potato skins as a treat and pat yourself on the back that its not McDs in your mouth instead. ;)


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