how low can you go?

We are doing really well on our goal of not turning the heat on until November 1st.  We have been blessed with a relatively warm fall, so I think that helps.  Yesterday morning it was a tad chilly for my liking, but not so uncomfortable to warrant the heat being turned on...and actually it was more that I couldn't find a sweatshirt downstairs and my kids were still sleeping upstairs.  I was able to wrap up in a blanket with some coffee, and honestly that was good enough.

I have joined in with Crunchy Chicken's Freeze Yer Buns challenge this year.  We are in for it I'm sure.  Although, I like a challenge, and with my kids continuing to enjoy there naked streak (is three years still considered a streak???), I think that it will go quite well.  And the fact that it helps to save a bit on the oil, well that is always a plus!

Some of the things that we do to keep the heat in is to block off our rooms.  We live in an old new englander, which means a lot of rooms, but they all open to each other.  We try to hang up blankets into the hallway where our leaky front door is, and then also put a blanket over that door.  We don't use the door, and it really does need to be replaced, but until we find the money to do such things, we improvise :-)  It seems to work though!  We also have an amazing down comforter from CuddleDown, which I have had since college, and it definitely keeps you warm...too warm in fact for everyone but me :-)

The other really important part of my keeping the heat down strategy is to bake a lot :-)  I think this is part of the reason I started making bread.  And since my family will eat a loaf of fresh baked bread/day, it definitely helps to keep the house warm.  I guess that could be counted as cheating since we use an electric stove.  But, I am counting it as a great heat source!  Between bread, roasted veggies, roasted chickens, soups that simmer all day long, and cookies we bake everyday every couple of weeks, we stay pretty toasty!

Do you have any tips for keeping the heat down in the winter?  What do you think a comfortable temperature is in your home?


  1. Our thermostat is set at 68 right now and our furnace has come on a few times already this fall.

  2. My husband would love it if I kept the heat on 68 :-) Unfortunately, our house is so drafty that it doesn't make a lot of sense, mainly the heat will continue to go all the time...perhaps if oil were $1/gallon...

  3. We don't use our heater that often given that we are in texas, so I honestly don't know what we set it at....maybe I should find out.
    On another note, I think you should do the family 5k, I think it would be a blast for y'all

  4. We haven't used our heater yet... but it is getting colder. I have started a fire a few times. ... hopefully we can get to Nov 1st

  5. When we were on the east coast, we set our thermostate to 60-65 degrees, whatever the HOA mandate. My husband prefer colder temperature and I am used to wearing sweater indoor. I remember using some clear plastic things that help seal the draft from coming in through the windows.


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