i need two more sets of hands!

I am loving the ability to link to the yarn along at small things!  There are so many good book ideas and knitting projects going on!  I wish I had the time to record them all with my own ideas for crafting.  Unfortunately, I am still in the frenzy of Christmas knitting.  Well, it isn't completely unfortunate in the fact that I love knitting for my babes, and for my family, but, the fact that it is probably my most time consuming craft...that is the unfortunate part.  I am still working on my surprise Christmas present...and just finished one of my babe's socks for the winter season.  I am starting to work on a doll for my boy also for Christmas this year.

I am still reading The New Good Life.  I have to say that it is getting better.  I had a bit of a problem reading it in the beginning because the author was the heir of the Baskin-Robbins fortune, and chose to NOT take his inheritance, but I'm sure he could have always gone back if he needed to.  He has some really interesting thoughts on money, and life in general.  I definitely recommend it.  I also recently picked up Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness.  I haven't read past the introduction, but I am very excited to read this book!  I have seen several reviews on other blogs, so hopefully it will live up to expectations.  Would love to hear any other book recommendations people might have!

Joining up at the yarn along again this week at Small Things :-)


  1. OMG - your blog is advertising pajama jeans this morning!!! Ha ha ha!

    Great job on your knitting - better than me my friend!

  2. @jessica - i put that in special, just for you ;-)

  3. Still in the frenzy of Christmas knitting? Ikes! I haven't started yet. Glad your book is starting to get better...persevere!


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