knitting with kids

We are a crafty family.  Well, I am crafty, and my kids are crafty...I wouldn't necessarily say that Matt is that crafty :-)  Both of my kids LOVE anything creative.  That is part of the reason I designed a craft room in my home.  A place where we can all go, create, get messy - and I don't have to worry about paint on the floor :-)

I knew it was only a matter of time before Emma would want a part in my crafts.  It is hard to hold her back, she is one determined little girl.  I prefer not to say "you can't do that because you are too little."  So instead, I try to work with her on whatever she wants.  Most times I am able to adapt to her level, like instead of using a needle and thread, I use blunt needles and embroidery floss.  She turned three in May.

I have been putting off knitting for at least the past six months.  I was convinced that knitting with a three year old was not going to work.  I had fears of her taking the needles and using them as weapons against her younger brother...although most of the time she just takes my knitting off the needles and makes X's, T's, and L's :-)

Finger knitting was something that I had heard of, but not tried myself.  I had these bizarre pictures of knitting with both of my pointer fingers into some basic pot holder or scarf in my head...clearly I had no clue :-)  Then I decided to actually google finger knitting, and it is surprisingly easy!  Emma enjoyed it, and didn't have any problems following the directions.

Great!  I thought.  She can finger knit and we can make some fun Christmas presents for her cousins.  Unfortunately, when we were done she said "thanks mama, but I'm done with this, can I please knit with the needles now?"

What about you?  Do you share your crafts with your kids?  Or do you stick to more age appropriate crafts?  Any tips on knitting with three year olds???


  1. Well....Riley is still determined to knit and just can't seem to get, I'm pretty impressed that Emma is doing it! Good for her! Now, give that girl some needles already!!!

  2. yeah, she and i need to have a date to knit :-) maybe we can work that in with our visit in november :-)


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