must have non-local foods

I have been thinking a lot about local, seasonal eating recently.  Who am I kidding?  It is all consuming, all of the time :-)  I like to think that we could easily eat an all local diet if we had the funds to support that...or the garden!  But, when I think about local foods, there are a few things missing that I love and would make me happier overall.  Without further ado, my top ten non-local foods that I probably will continue to buy even though there is no possible way to grow these in my cold climate...well...unless there was no way at all to get them...but I am not thinking about that right now!

1. good quality extra virgin olive oil
2. tea
3. coffee
4. spices (lumping these all together)
5. avocados
6. lemons
7. limes
8. oranges
9. almonds
10. peanuts

When I write it down like that, it makes me realize that perhaps I am a little concerned about scurvy... :-)

What about you?  What would your top ten be?  Or could you make do with fewer?


  1. Do you have a Costco membership? They have the best organic extra virgin olive oil, for a great price!

  2. Unfortunately not. We have a Sam's club up here, but they don't have a lot of organic, and they don't have bulk dry beans - which i spend a lot of money on. Hopefully someday they will move one up here...

  3. The local versus non local is interesting. My husband and I were just talking about this. We love eating locally and growing our own, but really Alaska does not allow for local all year long. Our Costco is slowly getting more organic and so is our local (ha local is 1hr away) grocery store.


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