my brain is in a fog

I am having one of those days again.  It seems like they are all too common.  Maybe it is because it is freezing in my house right now!  OK, that is an isn't that cold...but with snow in the forecast, well it isn't looking too great for my November 1st hold out!  Who am I kidding, I still won't turn the heat on, but I will definitely be doing a large amount of baking and tea drinking in the next few days.

I have been attempting to be involved in Hello Mornings.  It really is a great idea, but I think maybe my life isn't cut out for this type of program.  These ladies are wanting to be up around 6:30 or 7am and THEN have quiet time before their kids wake up.  I don't know about everyone else out there, but my kids are NOT late risers.  They are most often up by 6am, and lately it has been more like 5:30.  So for me to get up and have any sort of quiet time it has to be at like 4am, and that is not happening!

I am concerned about setting the clocks back too.  If they typically wake up at 6, and we set the clocks back, are they going to be getting up at 5am?!  And then I have to wake up, when, 2am to get quiet time?  What is that verse in Proverbs 31 - she rises while it is still night and provides for her household...yeah...that's me :-)  I guess I need to take comfort in that my kids still take a 2 hour nap during the day, and they do go to bed at 7pm every maybe I am not as bad off as I think I am.  I am at my best in the am though, not today.

When is your best time for quiet and peace?  Should I try and reset my body by being a night owl again?  Is that the only way I will get some free time?

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  1. Oh man! A) You are amazing for not turning the heat on yet! B) I say follow whatever your natural sleep cycle is. I come from a family of late rising women. We function best if we can sleep in til at least 8am. Granny, Mom, and a few of my aunts are the same way. I love jobs that let me start at 9am and the lack of sleep is one of the things that makes me most apprehensive about potentially having kids some day. You'll be most productive if you follow whatever your own natural rhythm is! PS I can't believe you already got SNOW!


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