to csa or not to csa? that is the question...

Yes, I am already thinking about next year's garden. Most people are probably dealing with their fall gardens and season extension at this not so much!  I really need to psych myself up to delve that deep...not to mention a little more planning and investment.  To be fair, I am planning on closing up the garden next weekend, putting down newspaper and compost...and hopefully planting some garlic in the next couple of weeks as well.  But, I am really thinking about next year.

Matt and I are considering *not* getting a summer CSA share next year.  We have gotten the CSA share since 2008, and absolutely love it.  This is in no way against our awesome farm.  It is more about us having more of a hand in what we eat, literally.  We want to grow more of our own food.  We want to be a bit more self sufficient.  I think that starting to grow more of our own food, instead of relying on the CSA is a big step in the right direction.  Not to mention it is hard to come up with such a large sum of money in January...a few weeks after Christmas...

Taking the leap to not having that back up is a little stressful for me.  Even though we buy our CSA up front, it only ends up being $25/week, and if my garden is an utter failure (like it was this year), I have the backup of the CSA.  I don't think it would be at all possible to get as much from the farmers' market as we get each week in our share basket.  But, if I take that money that I pay to the CSA up front, I should be able to have a pretty rockin garden next year.

So what is my first step?  Well, when you have a CSA share, you eat whatever they give you, whether or not you like it (and we rarely find something we don't like in our basket).  With growing your own, you have complete control, which means that I need to sit down and figure out how much food we eat, and what we would want in a garden that is our primary food for the summer.  Nothing like an incredibly daunting task to really get me in the mood...I think it could be fun though.  Maybe if I start this early, I will be able to get a seed order in early enough to get everything that I request, and start seeds at the end of January/beginning of February.

What about you?  How do you plan for your garden?  Do you use it as your main food source?

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  1. I didn't regret not doing the CSA this year. I found that I actually spent a little less but we also have many local options all around us. But, we weren't as "adventurous" as we may have been in years past. Lots to think about for certain!


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