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We are having a very large and very diseased tree removed from our property at some point this fall, thanks to my mom.  Behind that tree is our neighbors fence, but we have about 10 feet between the fence and the driveway.  Of course I am thinking about planting some trees there that will benefit us.  Mainly fruit trees...ok all fruit trees.  Obviously I won't be planting an orchard on my little quarter of an acre, but if I could plant a few fruit trees, how awesome would that be?

Think of my surprise when I went to the mailbox last week and pulled out the Fedco Trees 2012 catalog!  There are so many varieties of fruit trees, bushes, shrubs etc. in this catalog, it would be fun to read through even if I didn't want to buy one of everything.  The Fedco catalogs, while not in color and not extremely flashy like other seed catalogs, provide so much information for someone who is just starting out, or someone who has their stuff together :-)

I was thinking about possibly doing two dwarf apple trees, and then maybe a cherry tree.  I also would love to have fresh peaches, but I think that would be pushing it in my zone - 5a.  I know that most fruit trees need cross pollination in order to produce whatever I choose will probably double with different varieties.

I have these grandiose dreams of a large fruit producing area, since we are such big fruit eaters.  In addition to the fruit trees, blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes, and blackberry bushes would all be welcome additions to my little homestead...but that may be a little out of reach at the moment!

What about you?  Do you have fruit trees, or other fruit growing where you live?  Have you ever planted apple trees?  Am I completely out of my league on a quarter of an acre?  And how the heck do you keep the deer away?

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  1. I had an apple tree that produced for a couple of years and then some kind of pest or grubs invaded the base of the trunk of the tree and it died. I'm sad-- never saw this happen to a tree before.

    I have a sweet cherry tree that I am working on. A couple of years ago it developed brown rot. Last sumer we had the tree topped-- upper branches and main branch pruned. The adjacent tree (an ash was trimmed.
    This spring I used an antifungal spray and the tree improved. This summer my husband took down the ash tree and now the cherry tree has full sun. I will use another anti-fungal spray in the spring.

    Next week I'll post a picture of my tree and will welcome comments on the ype spray I am using.

  2. Great post -!!! I can't wait to see how it looks after and once you plant something amazing!

  3. I am also currently wanting to plant a couple dwarf fruit trees and maybe some blueberries and raspberries. I think it would be wonderful to have fresh fruit to eat and put up. Patiently waiting on my husband and his chainsaw to clear me a spot for future trees :)

  4. We just moved to our little homestead in Feb...there are four apple trees on the property but none of the apples look healthy. Probably okay to eat once they are ready...but might need some serious pruning.

  5. Heather, Thank you for visiting my blog. I was unable to respond to you as I don't use Outlook and I didn't see an email address. Once I get my coop set up, I'll make sure and post. I want others to do this as well. I also am looking for the best solutions. Thank you again


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