yarn along

I have decided to join in with Ginny from Small Things this week for her yarn along.  Without further ado:

I started knitting this lace pattern several weeks ago, and obviously have not gotten far.  I have never knit a lace pattern before, but I really like how this one is turning out!  It is for a Christmas present this year (so if you know me, pretend you never saw this :-)), we shall see if I can finish it on time...

As far as reading goes, well I am reading a lot of books, like always, but the two that stand out to me right now are One Bite at a Time and All New Square Foot Gardening.  I am still trying to work my way through the 52 bites, some go a little faster than others.  Although we have a regular garden, I am still thinking of using some of the square foot gardening techniques.  And we all know it is never too early to think of next year.


  1. I'm inpressed, this looks really lovely.

  2. Beautiful lace! I love the simplicity of the yarn and letting the lace do all the work!

  3. Your lace looks great! I'm trying lace for the first time right now to :) I love how a few little stitches can create something so lovely :) Happy knitting!


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