the craziness begins

I know that I have been talking holidays for some time now, but it is in full force for me at this moment. Over the past few days I have been looking at my calendar, trying to get my schedule down, and also trying to figure out some self imposed deadlines for crafting. Well, come to find out, I have one free Saturday between now and baking I know why I start thinking about the holidays in July...and it isn't just the awesome music ;-)

I always intend to enjoy the holidays. And mostly I do, but this year seems to be a little more stressful. Why? You may be asking yourself. Well, I am planning on hosting Thanksgiving, and also it is my year to host Christmas for my husband's side of the the actual Christmas holiday with my side of the family.

Now, I probably shouldn't be too stressed about Thanksgiving. My mom is a power house when it comes to cooking. Seriously, she is good. She has it down. I think it must be years of practice, but man, she can really crank it out for us. Technically I make half of the veggies, and she does the other the turkey...and the hor d'oeuvres...and the food for every other day during our 5 day weekend :-) And my brother is an awesome cook as well, and made the most amazing garlic mashed potatoes last year...seriously delicious. But, this year we will be eating at my house...and that adds a little stress to my know, the whole cleaning thing, making sure we have some dishes to eat off of and all ;-)

And then there is Christmas. We alternate the Christmas party for my husband's side of the family, which works out well since there are so many of us...and on my side it is just my brother, sister-in-law, and mom, but Matt has a much larger family, especially with the cousins, a couple of siblings and their spouses and the parents and grandparents. A lot of food, a LOT of presents, and probably more stress than I need in my little life. I think I make up most of the pressure, but it is still there, no matter how much praying or chanting I do...

This year I have grand ideas of many different appetizers, cute little favors, invitations for our party going out...hmmm...this week...and many presents to make. Not to mention the decorating I have planned. You would think I live in a 10,000sf mansion with many many minions at my beck and call. Unfortunately, that is not the case. And no matter how crazy stressful it is for me, I love it. It is my favorite time of the year. The decorations, the music, the food, the togetherness of family. Bringing my baked goods to friends, and having them be so excited about receiving them, I really can't get enough of it. So, I may be complaining a lot over the next couple of weeks, but just know that I revel in the craziness. I love having my family around me, and I love entertaining...whether or not they actually like all the weird food that I come up with...

What about you? Are you hosting anything this year? Is it stressing you out? Any tips on keeping the stress down, besides copious amounts of wine?


  1. sounds so fun. I have hosted thanksgiving a few times and it is lots of fun. I am not hosting anything this year :) Really looking forward to seeing everyone though!

  2. Stress is the result of unmet realize what you can control and what is actually feasible....and enjoy the imperfections that will occur! ;) Deep breathing is awesome, music therapy (turn up those jolly Xmas tunes!), but also just making sure to think realistically about the whole thing. And yes, a good bottle of wine won't hurt! :) Sounds awesome. Easy peasy appetizer---ready for it? One package cream cheese on tray, pour bottle of cocktail sauce over top, and then dump a drained can of baby shrimp over top...serve with Ritz or other crackers. Easy and usually gets rave reviews. In our fam, one person hosts and provides the turkey while everyone else supplies the sides, desserts, beverages, etc. Works out in the end---I hope we'll host next year maybe! :) And most all, just remember to be thankful and with good cheer! :)


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