food choices during the holidays

I feel like the majority of the year I make really good food choices.  We have a summer and winter CSA share, veggies from the garden, we don't buy meat from the grocery store at all, instead we get it from a small farmer at the farmers' market.  I buy farm fresh eggs, and good flour (since I have no grain mill).  But, when the holidays come, I feel like I get a tad out of control in the food department.

There are foods that I am used to eating during the holidays, and they are not all that healthy.  I bake A LOT for friends and family, and in order to do that, I go to Sam's club and buy the big 25lb bags of white flour.  I buy eggs from the grocery store and non-organic butter.  I have meatballs at holiday parties, and instead of making the meatballs myself (which I would do any other time of the year), I buy a big bag of meatballs from the store and call it good.

I think the biggest reason for all of this is the cost of food.  I would love to feed everyone I know with good local organic foods, but it isn't financially feasible with all the entertaining that we do.  So, I compromise.  Does this make me a bad person?  Sometimes I wonder.  I mean, I go on all year long about how well we eat, how important it is to eat organic meats, that regular white flour is stripped of all its nutritional components, and then at Christmas I go ahead and use all the foods that I choose not to use for my family the rest of the year.

I'm interested to hear what you do.  I'm not saying that I throw everything organic out the window.  I still get a lot of local foods, the veggies for veggie trays.  I make my own dips instead of buying those at the store.  I get good cheese.  But, I can't do it for everything, and while I really want to, I know that the majority of my family and friends could care less about the food choices that I make.  Does that make it right?  Not really, but I can't figure out a way around the financial aspect of eating good food and entertaining.  Maybe I need to save more during the year to be able to provide the kinds of foods I expect to eat.  I guess I let it slide because it is only once per year, Christmas.  Even at Thanksgiving we get a turkey from the farm and have all organic veggies.

What about you?  Do you back off on all the entertaining and baking so that you can afford the good quality ingredients?  Do you save up enough money to use the quality ingredients?  Or do you let it slide, like me, because it is only once a year?

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  1. I definitely let is slide around the holidays. It is only once time a year and, I feel, that if I am making high quality food choices the other 11 months out of the year then it is OK. I don't think you are a bad person so don't beat yourself up!! Just enjoy the parties and entertaining and get back on track come December 26th. :)


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