freeze yer buns update

We haven't turned our heat on yet, but I know it will be soon.  I guess I have to say that we are sort of cheating because I have a space heater that I will run in the living room in the morning to warm it up for the kids.  I have to say that I feel like we have acclimated pretty well to waking up to 55 degrees.  For some reason, my house seems to stay at that temperature.

Throughout the day I do a lot of baking and cooking on the stove, and that helps to warm up the house.  So by the time we go to bed the house is around 66 degrees in the kitchen which is at one side of the house, and usually 62 on the other side of the house.  I am pretty happy with the way things are working out heat wise.  We heat by oil, and oil is expensive up here in Maine...still wishing I had a wood stove, although I know of another blogger who is even waiting on lighting their wood stove - I don't think that would be me.

We recently had the very large pine tree next to our house taken down, and I have already noticed a difference in warmth during the day.  The additional sun exposure on the front of our house, something that was previously non-existent, really has helped to take the edge off.  It also probably helps that we have had warmish temps lately.  I feel like it has been a relatively warm fall, except for the freak snow storm last weekend.

Our goal originally was to wait until November 1st to turn the heat on, but now we are going to see how long we can go.  As long as we can use the space heater in one room, and I continue baking up a storm, well I don't really see a reason to turn the heat on...until we have company :-)  I do have to say that my coffee dates have become less frequent as it gets colder...


  1. yes, when it's 69 degrees in the Northeast, it's a little easier to "suffer"! Hope we can just avoid heat altogether this Winter! Ha ha ha!

  2. that's great! i love living in a cold place like that. hope i can also set my room in to that kind of atmosphere.


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