it was 65 here yesterday...

This entire fall has been so strange, 90 degrees on Columbus Day, snow for Halloween, 65 degrees yesterday. I am not complaining of course, I would never do such things.  And besides, after what I said yesterday, I don't want people to think we are actually cold here :-)  We are not...for the most part!

Onto the yarn along!  I am joining in with Ginny again this week.  It is so fun to see what everyone else is knitting, and last week I got a great idea from one of the other bloggers for a Christmas gift, yay!  My knitting this week has been kind of boring, which is good for me.  After a few weeks of socks and other knits in the round, I could use some plain old stockinette in my life!  I wanted something I really didn't need to think about, and so I am making a scarf this week for the hubs.  I am also in the process of making some really cool knitted envelopes.  I saw the idea here and thought, I can I can not crochet.  I think counting might be involved, and I can't deal with the counting.  So I decided instead to knit one, and it worked out pretty well.  I am using a chunky yarn, so I was able to get almost an entire one done during church on Sunday. :-)

This week I am reading an awesome Christmas book called A Greener Christmas.  I bought it a couple years ago and I love it.  There are gift ideas, decorating tips and delicious recipes.  They are all relatively easy, which I like, and given the title, are all pretty green.  She talks about re-purposing fabric, and using nature to decorate for the holidays.  I seriously recommend it.  Last Thanksgiving I made the recipe for cranberry jelly, and it was a huge hit.  My family is big on the cranberry jelly in a can (hi gregg!) and I have been trying to find an alternative.  I saw the recipe in this book, tried it, and it was a huge hit, blowing the canned stuff out of the water.  It will be on my list again this year.  There is also a really amazing brownie recipe.

I would love to know if anyone has trouble finding yarn for the men in their lives?  I get bored with navy blue...  Am I really destined for blue/black/brown if I knit for guys?


  1. I saw the crochet envelopes and my first thought was - can I crochet well enough or would it work to knit instead... I'm pleased to see that knitting them looks great ;)

  2. I saw those envelopes too. And I hear you on the blue/black/brown thing. There's always...grey!

  3. I do have a hard time thinking of colors for the men. Green, beige/tan, burgundy...some of those might work. I look for wools that have flecks of other colors or a mottled look. Lionbrand has some great ones, especially when they are on sale :)

  4. Haha, stick with socks, they don't seem to mind a little colour magic in their socks. Hubby's faves are in shades of pinks, greens and ochre!

  5. nice crochet stuff there. it looks to good to be worn especially when its a winter time.


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