i've been sick

It is never fun to get sick.  And surprisingly, I am not sick all that often.  I think it must be because of all the veggies I eat.  But, when I do get sick I need some relief.  I have been slowly starting to use fewer over the counter medicines, and trying to use more herbal remedies.  You would think it would be easy to start using more herbal remedies, but it hasn't been for me.  I think that the herbs seem cost prohibitive at first.  I guess I should think about how much a small bottle of Robitussin costs though, and then do a comparison.  It ends up being much cheaper in the long run, and there are ingredients you can actually pronounce in the herbal concoctions!

I seem to get sick every fall.  My mom always tells me that I have caught whatever is going around.  And that is probably the truth.  I find that once the fall comes, I am in complete holiday mode, which means that I am not eating as well as I typically do the rest of the year and not sleeping as much.  It starts the season of my family getting take out more often because I am busy crafting/playing/reading all day with the kids, and food seems to take a back burner.  Especially when I try to make the majority of the Christmas presents.  For someone who tries to make it not about the presents, it seems to take over at this point realizing that I only have 2 free weekends before my husband's side of the family comes over for Christmas (yikes!).

When I do get sick, I tend to go through the same remedies, and surprise surprise, they work out relatively well!  I always have Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat tea on hand.  It soothes my throat like no other tea/medicine/OTC drug can.  And as an added benefit, it keeps me warm in my very cool house :-)  The other route I go is the raw vinegar/raw garlic/raw honey route.  I have been trying to eat more raw garlic because of the great health benefits that garlic produces.  And I love garlic, so chopping a clove and eating it raw with some raw honey isn't that bad for me, although I can see that it takes a certain type of person to do that :-)  My kids get a small bit of honey when their throats hurt, and it seems to work like magic on them :-)

What do you use when you are sick?  Are their other natural remedies that I should add to my medicine cabinet?  And what do you use for the babies/toddlers in your house?

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  1. We are switching over to more herbal/natural solutions. We also use a throat coat tea. We take a probiotic, cod liver oil and drink water kefir to help bolster our immune system. Then we use a netti pot for flushing sinuses, garlic oil on the bottoms of feet for colds or in the ears for ear infections. I'm just delving into the herbal remedies, so will add more as learn more.

  2. wow! those sound like great ideas! I will definitely have to look into them. I have been reading more about cod liver oil, and think I might go that route!

  3. good advice from you. that's how people get a better way of living, by using only the naturals.

  4. Teas, Throat Coat and Breath Easy, increased fruits & veggies, Emergenc-E packets mixed with OJ, increased water intake to hydrate and cleanse, zinc losenges, honey, popsicles, & ginger ale, veggie soup....and of course the real cure all---more sleep! ;) I have used some homeopathic drops in the past that worked wonders.


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