a question for you

Good morning my lovely readers!  No recipe today.  I haven't done much cooking this week, and I feel like a recipe without a final product picture is kind of lacking (not that I haven't done it before!).  So instead I have a question for you!

We have been away at a hotel most of the week, and because of that  we really are not eating entirely well.  What do you do when you go away and are staying in a hotel?  Do you eat out every meal?  Do you try and find a grocery store and make a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?  Or do you really research where you will be, and try to find the most local options for restaurants, or even stopping at a farmers' market in the area?

Obviously I am not talking about a vacation to Disney World, where you would be eating out most meals, possibly utilizing Disney's awesome meal plan, unless you stayed in one of those cool resorts that have kitchens and laundry...and maybe even if you did stay in one of those resorts!  But, maybe if you stayed at a hotel for a few days because your husband was working in the office for a few days :-)

We have done a mixture of things, bringing some food with us that doesn't need to be refrigerated, eating out some, and mooching off of family, you know, the normal stuff!

*Just a note, Disney hasn't asked me to talk up their awesomeness, I am instead an obsessed fan of theirs, and I am dreaming of when I can go back - potentially due to the recent dip in temperature :-)


  1. Pretty darn chilly out there today! Yuck!!!

    We do a little bit of what you're doing - packing food (and try to get a fridge), eating out locally....and trying to check out some of the great places....I should have told you SILVER MOON CREPES (check them out on FB) SO good - not to eat there - too small, but yummy and TV Diner rated them high....Dos Amigos, for yummy burritos, I could go on and on. Luckily, you're coming here for some bland awesomeness tomorrow.

  2. I was raised as the type who ate out one meal and then we would have fixed/snacked out of the hotel. Hub & I have the tendency to soak up the food culture wherever we travel to anymore---we both love food and its such a great expression of local culture. That being said---car trips and hotel snacks usually involve a bag of goodies and a cooler! :)


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