winter CSA

This week was our first winter pantry CSA pick up.  We go every other week for the next 20 weeks.  I am really thankful we have such great access to local foods.  There is something comforting to me knowing we will  have this food available to us throughout the winter.

The family that runs our winter CSA use horses to work their gardens.  I think that is the coolest thing ever.  The horses are HUGE though.  I grew up around horses, but not draft horses.  They are definitely intimidating up close.  But, our farmers love them, and I love that they are using something other than machines to work the soil and produce such delicious food for us :-)  When we go out to pick up our share Emma likes to look at them...although definitely from a distance!

This week we received:

baking potatoes
sweet potatoes
black spanish radish
daikon radish
collard greens
sweet dumpling squash

It was a very good week for us :-)  As the winter goes on, the fresh greens and herbs decrease, and we receive more frozen and preserved foods.  They make an amazing tomatillo salsa that I am looking forward to getting.  If only I could produce and preserve all of this food so that I wouldn't need to rely on others to do it for me!  It must be a comfort to these farmers' that have CSA's, knowing they have food for their family throughout the year.  I am happy that Maine has such quality organic farms we are able to partner with!


  1. What a lovely list - perfect for your Harvest Fall cravings!!!

  2. wow! nice assortment of good foods! hope you get full with that!


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