wonderful weekend!

We had such a nice little vacation these past few days.  It was pretty relaxing.  I was able to watch trashy teen movies (thank you Breaking Dawn part 1), and go to my favorite mexican restaurant.  Have some awesome girlfriend time with my BFF.  Also, my husband was able to do a really interesting podcast with his brother...yeah...let's just say that I am a little leery of this continuing in the future!  If anyone wants to take a listen here you go.  I have to warn you, my hubby is a little...well...you can make up your own mind :-)  But, my favorite part of the weekend was watching my kids, and their cousins, enjoy each other so much.  I wish that we lived closer, because it was wonderful seeing them all play together!

Sorry for the picture quality, it was taken in a rush on my iphone when the girls were pretending to sleep :-)


  1. Awww the picture of your girls is so adorable!

  2. Well, I can only claim the one on the left. The other two are my lovely nieces :-) Jack was off running around the hotel room, couldn't be bothered to "pretend" to sleep!

  3. SO cute! Glad you're getting some great moment with family. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!


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