cable tv

We don't have it, but we will soon.  I am not crazy about getting cable again.  I think that it is too easy to just sit down and watch the tv for me.  Not that sitting down to the internet is any less difficult, but when there are so many options for tv, it makes it easier for me to not try so hard to figure out other activities for myself and the kids.  It was never my plan to get cable again.  Mainly because I try to not watch TV, and felt a bit silly paying so much for a service that I didn't really use all that often.

We used to have cable internet, but then switched to DSL because it was such a cheap deal.  Unfortunately, it does not work for Matt.  He works from home and has to log in to his work from here, as well as plug in an internet phone.  And the phone has not been working, so he has been using our house phone, not entirely ideal.

What it really came down to, though, was the "Christmas" deal they were having.  We were going to have to get the cable internet again regardless, and it ends up only costing a few dollars more to get the phone/tv/internet package then to just get the internet and phone...literally $5 more.  So we opted to get the cable tv.

I have to say I am excited to be able to watch the food network again...I love that station.  I am slightly concerned that it will take over our evenings, but I am hopeful that we will still find other things to do, and not need to completely veg out in front of the tv.  But, with all the knitting I have to do in the next couple of weeks, it might be nice to sit in front of the tv a bit :-)

What about you?  Have you cancelled cable for a long time and then recently come back to it?  Do you find that you are spending more time watching programs?  Or do you feel like you spend a lot of time flipping through the hundreds of stations available to you now?


  1. We just got cable a few months ago. The only reason we got cable was because we love football. Honestly, we watch sports and that is about it. I wish we could have cable August through January, and then turn it off.

  2. I have to agree with your football comment. I was pretty excited to realize we would be able to watch the playoffs :-) This is the first year in many many years where I haven't watched a single football game. Although, my stress level definitely goes up when I am watching the games :-)


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