Christmas Breakfast

I hope everyone is finishing up the last minute odds and ends before this weekend!  I am having a bit of a problem with deciding what to make for Christmas morning breakfast.  Growing up my mom always made coffee cake, and we all ate leftovers from our Christmas Eve party.  I never really thought about it much after Emma was born because, well, she was a baby.  But, now that she is 3 1/2 I think that it is time to figure out a good Christmas breakfast tradition.

I would also love to hear what you do Christmas morning, do you let your kids go for the presents as soon as they wake up.  Do you make them wait while you shower and get dressed?  Do you go to church?  Eat breakfast first?  What are your Christmas morning traditions?


  1. With my niece and nephews we usually eat cinnamon rolls or monkey bread (dad gets up to bake them early) while watching them open their presents.

  2. One of our family traditions growing up is/was that mom does cinnamon rolls around christmas time (whole wheat ones drenched in brown sugar). It always made Christmas morning easy cause us kids got out of bed as we woke up and could warm a cinnamon roll (or two) and drink a glass of oj. We always were allowed to open stockings first and then presents were with everyone with Dad passing out. I expect if hub and I have babies that we'll do the same. :)

  3. we always do waffles and whipped cream. Not sure why, but it somehow started as a tradition. The kids get into their stockings as soon as they get up.... the goal of them is to buy more time to sleep in for the parents :)


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