crunch time yarn along

It is definitely crunch time here at Townsend House!  This week I am working to try and finish my pile of projects.  It is slow going.  After having Christmas with Matt's family this past weekend, I am ready for a vacation.  I am almost done with the little dress for Emma's doll Ellie, which is what is in the picture.  I kind of just made up a little pattern for it.  There won't be sleeves, because the doll is one I knit this year, and it wouldn't really work that way :-)  I am almost done with Jack's Eli doll as well.  I also have a bit of sewing to do for the kiddos...clearly I have a few long nights ahead of me :-)

Even though there is a lot of making going on, sometimes I need to take a break.  I love knitting, but I love to recharge a bit as well.  I am still reading The Purpose Driven Life, which I am enjoying immensely.  Thinking about the questions at the end of each short reading has been very beneficial in understanding my own journey right now.  I definitely recommend it.

I also had the opportunity to read Forks Over Knives, which is the book that compliments the movie.  I have talked about the movie before here.  And reading this book definitely made me want to watch the movie again.  It is a very short read, mainly having little blurbs about the contributors to the movie, and some of the people that have been helped by going on a mainly plant based, whole foods diet.  It highlighted the important parts of the movie as well (although, I think the entire movie is important).  The part of this book I liked the most is at the end of the book.  They provide 125 recipes to help you get started.  Even though I have a really hard time following a recipe, I really enjoy looking through recipes and getting ideas.  I'm not sure I would ever exclude all fat from my diet, people do need fat to live, but I can definitely see adjusting a lot of the meals I currently make.

I am linking up with Ginny at the yarn along this week!  Looking forward to browsing what everyone else is working on!


  1. How fun to make Christmas gifts! Enjoy these days. :)

  2. I hope you finish your Christmas knitting!

  3. the nutrionist i am seeing just recommended that movie, i need to find a copy.
    merry christmas! and have fun knitting up your gifts!


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