I love music.  Have I shared that here before?  I don't think there is anything that can help me work through emotions like music.  I really listen to everything, or at least I did.  That was pre-kids.  When Emma was really little and I would be wearing her in the moby all the time, I would listen to a lot of Jason Mraz when I was trying to calm her down...and a lot of Billy Joel when I just wanted to sing to her.  And then the crazy music that I can scream out when I needed to :-)  As she got older, we still listened to a lot of what I thought was ok. She would enjoy rocking out to Beyonce's put a ring on it.

Then Glee came along, and I bought a lot of their music, because it was music that I loved, totally dialed down for a younger audience.  But, then Emma started to enjoy listening to Lady Gaga, and I knew I needed to change my tactic.  So we started listening to a lot of children's music.  My pandora playlist was all about Barney, Raffi, and Elmo.

She enjoyed a lot of the music, but I noticed that whenever I was folding laundry listening to my ipod and would start singing a song I would normally listen to, she would want to listen to it.  OK, so we went back to Billy Joel radio, because can that really be that bad for kids to listen to?!  I mean, yes, a bottle of red...a bottle of white...not necessarily the message I want to send to my 3 and 1 year olds, but better than Lady Gaga.

Recently I came across Elizabeth Mitchell children's music.  And I was sold.  So were Emma and Jack.  It has a good mix of folk music with the children's songs.  I plugged it into Pandora, and it is probably one of my favorite stations.  It is how we start our music time every morning now, and I am so happy I have found it!

What about you?  What is your preferred music genre?  If you have babes, what are you listening to with them?    And what is it about Lady Gaga's music that draws my 3 year old to sing Bad Romance all. the. time.???  Although, this performance with Elton John was pretty awesome :-)

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  1. Love Elizabeth Mitchell...have all her cds, so pretty! Discovered her right after Sydney was born and haven't stopped listening since! Laurie Berkner has fun kid's music too!


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