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Is that bad?  I don't have a picture at all today.  I had planned to take one, and in all my crafty craziness have misplaced my camera.  Yeah.  I think it might be in one of my craft bags, but I digress!  This week is all about Christmas knitting!  Of course, I think that is how it has been for several months now, but thankfully it is almost Christmas.  Whatever I finish will be gifted and whatever I don't finish, well, won't be gifted :-)

I am working on a scarf for Emma's ellie doll right now.  It is in the same purple as her hat, and in kind of a zig zag pattern that I made up.  I am hoping to take pictures of all of the presents to post after the holidays, so stay tuned for that post!  I had made a scarf for my niece last Christmas, and made a matching one for her American Girl doll, and of course Emma saw it and said she needed one for Ellie, so I am doing that now.  I also have a pair of socks on the needles for Jack.  Well, one sock is on the needles, and is almost done.  I love baby/toddler socks.  They knit up so quickly!  The only problem that I foresee is that they will be super slippery on our hard floors.  Any ideas on how to remedy that?

This week I am reading The Purpose Driven Life.  I am starting to reflect on the year, and thinking ahead to next year.  I swear I am always 10 steps ahead of the date on the calendar.  Christmas in August, check.  New Years' goals before Christmas, check.  Maybe one of those goals should be slowing down and living more for the moment than the tomorrow :-)  I have owned this book for quite a while, but have never actually gone through it.  I like it so far.  Good thoughts and questions to write down and expand upon myself.  I am only on Day 9, so I have quite a ways to go.  Nothing mind blowing, but maybe because a lot of the questions are ones that have been ruminating in my head for months, so it is kind of a blessing to sit down and write my thoughts on paper through this exercise of "40 days."

I am of course linking up at the yarn along today.  Can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!  Although, I think most of us are working on Christmas presents, so not as much is available in the descriptions or pictures :-)


  1. maybe some felt stickies on the bottom of the socks? to help them not be so slippery? they might just come off though. happy christmas knitting! i usually do the same ahead of each calendar date...this year i am not focusing on anything related to new year hopes and dreams until AFTER christmas. a practice in trying to be in the head fights me on this...


  2. I read the Purpose Driven Life a few years ago and really would like to read it again. It's good stuff.


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