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The seed catalogs are starting to roll in.  It seems early to me this year, maybe it is because it is 55 degrees outside right now.  I am kicking myself for planting my garlic in October!  I don't have high hopes for it to actually grow, in fact it is probably growing right now...I can't bring myself to look though :-)  With the seed catalogs comes a lot of thought about the summer CSA.  We usually send in our deposit for the summer CSA right after the holidays.

I think this year we will bow out of the CSA, not because I don't love them, but because I need to start being serious about our garden, and the amount of food that we are able to grow ourselves.  If I can really work at it, perhaps I can grow everything that we would typically get from the CSA, saving us quite a bit of money - although definitely costing a lot more time.

My thinking is that the kids will be older next year, ie they will have the ability to listen when I say "don't run towards the road!"  Whether or not they will listen, that is another question entirely :-)  Maybe I can even train them to weed the garden...although that might be later in the season when the plants are well established and can easily be identified by littles.  Now I have to figure out what to grow, what to start inside, when I need to start these seeds, and how long do I have to figure that out before all of my seed requests are sold out!

What is your favorite thing to grow?  Do you start seeds inside, or buy seedlings in the spring?

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