yarn along

Last week I talked about how I should take a picture of the pile of unfinished knitting and post that for the yarn along.  So, today that is what I did!  This isn't everything, just what I had close by me :-)  Not even a pretty basket to hold it all!  Well, I do have several baskets in my craft room, but that is upstairs, and I am downstairs right now...since you all wanted to know.  I am actually making really good progress on everything, and am pretty sure I will finish it all in time.  I'm not going to lie that I haven't been slightly stressed, and even though I started planning and working on some things in August, I realize now that making presents for SO MANY PEOPLE is completely insane!  Next year I think I might concentrate on my own little family of 4 before I go out and decide to make something for everyone else in the world :-)

And like I said yesterday, I am going through seed catalogs.  It is slow going though.  The FEDCO catalog has so much awesome information in it, and I really need to sit down and process it all.  I'm hoping tonight I will have some time to do that...and also continue working on my knitting.  

Like always, I am linking up at the yarn along!  I hope you all are getting your Christmas knitting and crafting done!


  1. I only have a couple of people to knit for, and I'm still stressed about it, so I am impressed with you doing so many things! Hope they all come out quickly ;)

  2. what an impressive pile of goodies--and what's most impressive is your optimistic outlook! Way to go!!!

  3. Sounds like you've got an awful lot going on! Good luck!


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