Most people love movies. It gives them a chance to escape reality for a couple hours. I love movies too. Harry Potter...Twilight...any superhero movie based on a comic book, romantic them all! However, recently I have been into documentaries. I don't know if this is neccessarily a good thing though. My wonderful husband took this past Friday off (well, he worked several hours for his second job, but was able to have the day off from his regular day job), which allowed me some time to watch some crazy movies. Some I had seen before, but didn't really remember them, some I had never seen. I would just like to say that red wine and these movies to not mix well! But, I think they are all quality films that people should be seen. Especially brother-in-laws that most likely think I have a major issue and may be corrupting their spouse :-) Without further ado, movies I have watched recently!

How to Cook Your Life
The Future of Food
A Crude Awakening The Oil Crash
Escape from Suburbia
What's on Your Plate

All of these were highly disturbing movies. What brought me to tears? The scene in "Escape from Suburbia" where the city plowed over 14 acres of lush green vegetable/fruit gardens to make way for a...wait for it...ware house...lots to ponder with these excellent films. I recommend them all!

*update* I just realized that none of these links actually work unless maybe you have a netflix account??? I am too tired to change the links now, so you will have to search for the titles on google :-)


I am having an awful time trying to process all that is going on overseas right now. Japan, the middle east, tsunamis, earthquakes, more war. How is everyone else dealing with it? I guess I am shocked with Japan. It is absolutely devastating, and my heart goes out to all the people over there. I can't even imagine that amount of devastation, the pain and fear they must have right now. At the same time I wonder how much of the picture we are actually getting. We pride ourselves on our "24 hour" news networks now, but are they giving us the whole picture. It seems to me that they have been completely focused on the nuclear problems Japan is having, and have completely forgotten about all the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami. Maybe I am not watching enough news...or maybe I am watching too much.

I have been reading that the US and Canada have pretty much sold out of pottasium iodide due to radiation fears. Is it that likely for it to get over here? And if radiation does come to the US, will it be bad enough to take those tablets? And if it is bad enough to take those tablets, will those tablets really actually help anyone? Maybe I am not as concerned because I live on the east coast. Anyone from the west coast feel like chiming in?

As far as the middle east goes...I don't know that I agree with us bombing Libya. I kind of feel like the US shouldn't be looked at as police for the rest of the world. It seems like whenever there is a problem we have to be involved. And then at the same time, when there are problems after we become involved it is our fault. I'm not saying that we shouldn't help other countries, I believe that we should, but I kind of feel like we have so much going on in our own country right now, how can we be expected to help everyone else when we can't even help ourselves? I wonder what would happen if we said to the world that we needed to fix our healthcare, fix our economy, make sure that our citizens had food and housing, and then when we are done with that, then we can help everyone else. I get that even our poorest people are better off than 90% of the world, but we can't be God. Am I completely off my rocker? I guess it is hard for me to see our government pledge money to help other countries, whether by aid to victims in Japan, or my military power in the middle east, when we have $14 trillion in debt...I mean, why don't we just ask China to send some money? Take out the

Hot Spot #3

I have to say, last week I failed miserably at dealing with the paper clutter around my house. Well, I have it all in one big plastic be dealt with at a later date :-) I knew that I wouldn't be able to get to it with everything else that has been going on, mainly two littles and *still* trying to settle into the upstairs. Totally jealous, by the way, of Simply Authentic who was able to completely move across the country and settle into a new place in 10 (TEN!) days. I was able to at least get rid of all the paper that didn't need to be strewn all over the house, and now we have all the important paper in the bin. It is actually sorted, but needs to be scanned into the computer, and that needs a weekend of its own to do. So in the meantime, I am trying to move forward with a new filing system. It is called - Throw everything away, and try to make sure I don't receive any paper bills/statements etc. We will see how that goes!

The hot spot this week? Children's toys/clothes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, both I guess, we did this hot spot last weekend. I wasn't expecting it for this week or I would have taken before pictures! We were able to get rid of quite a bit. I saved some of the most special items of the kids, mainly Christmas outfits and some really cute jeans that cost way too much for me to just give away. We also have a rule in the house that all the toys need to fit in the toy box, so when it starts to overflow, we start to weed out things. So I am feeling much better about the amount of "stuff" the kids have right now. But, since no before pictures, I won't bother to take after pictures :-)

Instead of doing kids clothes/toys this week, I have been trying to reorganize the kitchen. Yesterday I went through all of our cabinets. I got rid of outdated spices, boxes of stuff we will never eat, and canned goods that really shouldn't be eaten :-) I also packed up a lot of glassware that we are going to put in the upstairs kitchen, as we don't have need for it everyday. The next stop on my kitchen makeover will be the fridge...I definitely need some type of system for the amount of veggies that we store in there. Especially with the summer CSA coming soon...all those bags of greens need to go somewhere! I am tempted to plug the upstairs fridge back in so that we can store some veggies up there too...But, I am trying to reduce our electric bill now that the tenants are gone. All of our utilities actually...especially oil which is out of control right now. Unfortunately, winter seems to be holding on up here...any tips for reducing utilities????

Vegan Day 12

I have to confess that I am not able to keep to a 100% vegan diet. I think what really threw me for a loop was the fact that I already have so many other "food rules." My biggest one? Buy local. I have said before how lucky I am to have such an amazing winter and summer CSA available to me, not to mention the AWESOME Farmers' Market in my little city. But, I can't always buy what I need to be vegan. Obviously nuts are not something I can buy locally, and although I could buy local organic tofu (who knew people were growing soy beans in Maine?), I have some issues with soy that I can't seem to get around. So for protein, that doesn't leave too many options. Yes, veggies have protein, and beans have protein, but do I want to rely on vitamins in order to make sure I get enough B-12, and whatever else I may be missing? Or would it be better for me to go to the farm and buy some eggs from the chickens my daughter loves to play with?

I believe that if I was able to let go of the "local diet" that I have been pushing on myself for so long, being vegan would be much easier. But, I can't seem to do it. I have read too many books and seen too many documentaries about food. So instead, I am trying to eat mostly fruit and veggies that are local, and adding in the occasional egg here and there, and I am ok with it.

Does it mean that I have totally failed the 30 Day Vegan workshop before the halfway point? I don't think so. Heather has offered a lot of great information about food, about being a vegan, a great community of people. She has stressed whole foods, which is awesome. I then take the information and recipes and have to adapt them to what we have available, and I think that is ok. I am still learning a lot, and I think that we will still have many vegan meals, but having a piece of fish or eggs is ok. At least for me. What do you think? Did I give up too easily? Should I have tried harder to let go of my "local" attitude?

beautiful days

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was in the 50's here, and I was able to get out for a walk. The first walk we have been on since last fall. Emma promptly fell asleep about 20 minutes into it. I guess that is what fresh air does! Of course then I stood outside with her in the stroller and Jack asleep on my back for a good hour and a half. Luckily I had a friend to chat with :-) Otherwise my neighbors might have started thinking something was wrong with me! Pushing a jogging stroller with an almost 3 year old, as well as carrying a 7 month old on my back, well I guess I wasn't quite prepared for that type of a workout! Today is going to be another beautiful day, in the 60's, unfortunately it will be coupled with 40-50 mph I am not thinking we will go for a walk today.

It is so funny how we get so excited about 50 degree days up here, but then when it starts getting to be this temp in the fall we feel like it is freezing. I think after all the cold of winter the warmth of the sun is really inviting. It just puts me in a better mood. I'm sure that is true of a lot of people though. Sometimes I wonder if I would be happier in a place where it is constantly sunny and warm, but then I remember how much I love the change of seasons, and the cold and snow really aren't THAT bad, especially when you have kids to watch enjoy it so much. But, I am really happy that we are moving into spring now and praying that we don't get an April snow storm!


I love coffee. I was thinking about giving it up for the 30 Day Vegan workshop, and I did for a couple days, mainly because I had a sore throat and I prefer tea when I don't feel well, but I decided I would keep my coffee. There is something so nice about sitting down with coffee in the still of the morning. Granted, still and morning don't really go together in my house...but once in a while I get the chance for some quiet and really enjoy my coffee. More often than not I end up reheating my cup several times throughout the morning because I am interrupted for some reason or another.

This morning I was able to visit with my very good friend and have some coffee. It was lovely. Her youngest and my oldest seem to play really well together, which is nice. Not to mention she doesn't mind my house a complete disaster area. Getting out of the house with two babies doesn't happen all that often for me (without my husband), so having some adult conversation is also nice.

So, even though I probably should give up some caffiene, I am deciding not to. It is the little things that really make life worth living these days, and since I am not eating cheese, I might as well keep one of my vices :-) What about you? Coffee? Tea? Neither?

hot spot #2 I found out this week's hot spot. Ummm...paper clutter. This is slightly concerning to me. I don't really have a problem with junk mail coming into the house, I always immediately get rid of it. I do tend to stack up a lot of newspapers though...getting ready for my garden this summer. My big issue? Filing away all of my bills. Most people I think get rid of most of their bills, for us, due to having tenants in our home (well, for the past 5 years), we need to keep all of those bills for tax reasons. That makes for A LOT of paper clutter.

I had hoped to start the new year with a new printer that I could scan all the bills. One with an auto feed for the mountains of paper that I have in a pile in my filing cabinet - not in files. However, that didn't happen for one reason or another. And now I am left with said pile. We are paperless for a lot of things now, but man, all that old paper that needs to be put somewhere. I'm not even sure a week would be enough time to do it! I may have to bow out of a before and after this week. But, we will see. MAYBE my kids will be cooperative. Can you picture me sitting in the middle of my living room with a 2 year old running around and a 7 month old grabbing at the bills to try and eat? Not sure how that will work out...

The weekend that wasn't

Why is it that I always think that I will accomplish so much on the weekends? Honestly, I don't think I have accomplished something on the weekend in the past 7 months...probably a bit longer. I guess that lines up right with when I had Jack. I have to say that I am definitely having a difficult time with all the mess that is around me constantly. Matt is working a second job now, and not having him home much is definitely taking its toll. Funny how much you rely on something as normal and expected, and then it is gone. Not the most pleasant of feelings!

I have been reading a lot about happiness lately, since I have been feeling in a bit of a funk, and am starting to understand that no one is going to help me feel happy. I have to feel it on my own. And in addition to that, unless I start doing the stuff I have been talking about, it will never get done. Not that I am expecting some lovely maid to come in and give my house the once over (although, if said maid is reading and would like to come over, just let me know!), but there are a lot of projects that I keep hoping the hubs can do, but he obviously doesn't have time for.

So this week, I am going to try and DO some of these things that I have been thinking about for so long. Will it work out? Well, most likely not the way I am hoping, but I have to give it a try right? So here is to alphabetizing my enormous book collection, organizing my craft supplies, and getting Emma's school books ready for the week! Now if only I could have a helper with the littles while I am attempting these endeavors...

As an aside, I need to confess that I had eggs yesterday. We went out to breakfast and I had scrambled eggs and toast, and then I had pad thai for dinner...also with egg. I am actually feeling fine about it though, we can't always be vegan in this house, no matter how much we try. But, back to it today with the most delicious veggie wraps for lunch, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumber, avocado with some delicious tahini sauce on a tomato basil wrap...yum! And my husband was even loving it, although he had his sans tahini sauce. Instead with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper. Rice noodles and stir fry veggies are on tap for dinner tonight. And I am also looking forward to finding out what this week's hot spot is for Project Simplify!!

And I will leave you with a picture of my sweet little babes. These two are the best reason to NOT clean up your house and organize :-)

Before and After!

Well, today is the day that I bare my closet to all of you. Now, you have to understand that we are still in the process of moving, so my after pictures look pretty funny :-) It has been a great week going through my clothes, and I am starting to get through the kids clothes and also my husband's. It is a process though. For me, it didn't take all that long. I got rid of clothes that I really like, but haven't fit me since before my first pregnancy...and I probably won't be fitting into them anytime soon. I did have to keep some things that I am not too fond of, otherwise I wouldn't have any clothes left over! I moved quick though, and I think that was the key. Did I get rid of enough? I don't know. I am sure I will go through it again before I get all my clothes in a new (yet to be built) closet.




OK, so I have a lot less clothes now :-) Actually, my jeans and sweaters went into my bureau that had been used as craft storage, but is now back to being for clothes. And those clothes hanging up? Yeah, they aren't staying in there. They are going to go to a temporary closet upstairs and this armoire is going to be for game/book/toy storage. Like I said, we are still moving. And I don't think I will ever be done with that! But, it was really great to get the whole thing cleaned out, and getting rid of clothes that I have been hanging onto "just in case" definitely lifted a weight off of me. Oh, and you may notice I don't have any cute little baby dresses in there anymore...I didn't get rid of those, they are just hanging upstairs waiting to be sorted and either packed away as keepsakes, or in the "to sell" pile. It is hard to part with those dresses that my babe only wears one time for pennies.

How did everyone else do?

Day Four

It is day 4 of 30 Day Vegan, and to tell you the truth, it isn't that bad for me. We haven't really been eating meat for months now, so that whole aspect isn't such a big deal. The cream in my coffee in the morning, the eggs that we eat from the farm pretty much daily, and the cheese I am obsessed with...those are the things that I miss. Actually, this morning I am having a cup of coffee. I have been drinking black tea, which I also love, but sometimes I need coffee. Yes, I could drink it black, I like it black, but this morning I needed the cream. OK, so I didn't NEED the cream, but it was nice to have :-)

Sometimes I feel like the vegan diet isn't as healthy as I could be eating. Is that strange? I almost feel like eating all the grains everyday is too heavy, instead I would rather eat more veggies and grains/beans a couple times a week. And then if I need the extra protein, have a hard boiled egg in my salad, or grill a piece of fish.

I have been enjoying all the information so far though, and it has definitely given me some food for thought. I wasn't aware of phytic acid before yesterday, and how soaking my grains is actually important. But, now I know that I need to soak my rice before I cook it :-) And the community of people taking this class is amazing! Everyone is so supportive no matter what challenges you are having, or questions you might ask. It's been really nice and inspiring, perfect for the end of this LONG winter!

Now, if I could just get to a grocery store that has tahini and quinoa, that would be great! There is one about 15 minutes away, and I have tried to get there several times in the past week and a half, and not one of those times have I actually made it there. Here is hoping to this weekend...since my latest attempt...this morning...was thwarted with MORE snow. Have I mentioned that I planted peas a year ago LAST weekend? I don't think I am going to see grass until the middle of April this year.

return to normal

My house is starting to feel normal again. Now, it is not by any means completely settled, but I am seeing progress, and that makes me happy. Yesterday I was able to get our dining room completely cleaned out and turned back into an actual dining room. Before it was being used as a library/toy room/storage space for who knows what. But now? Just dining room...ok and I have all of my books on the built in shelves, but that doesn't count, because they are built in shelves! What else should I put there?!

I am slowly getting my way through the enormous amounts of clothes that we have. Isn't it funny how much you accumulate. I realize that I have 2-3 pairs of jeans in sizes 2-8 plus maternity jeans and my post c-section jeans that don't sit on my scar. I need that many jeans? And honestly, what are the chances that I will EVER be a size 2 again? Not likely, at least not in this lifetime. I really could do with a complete wardrobe makeover, as in getting ALL NEW clothes, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon either. So instead, I am going to make due with what I have and hopefully get a couple new things to make me feel a bit better about going out in public. Hopefully I can keep said new things from being destroyed by the two little sweet ones I care for all the time...haha!

On the docket today? More organization. Wouldn't it be nice to get all of Emma's school stuff put on shelves, have all of the games put in neat little bags and put in the closet? All of the toys that are in the house in the one toy box we have? Yes, that would be nice. My goal is to only allow what fits in the toy box stay in the house, and then when it starts to overflow, get rid of stuff. So far I have been doing pretty good, but we haven't really revisted the toy box since Christmas, and since the toys tend to be well, I'm not sure how much we have :-) Obviously not everything fits in the toy box, her mop and broom and guitar all get to stay out, and we have a basket of "friends" that she keeps pretty neat, but everything else has to be in the toy box. Luckily she is at an age where it isn't that big of a deal to get rid of things, and surprisingly she likes to go through her toys to figure out what she wants to give to the kids that don't have as many toys as her.

PS I think I am gaining weight by eating all the grains that I have been eating on this 30 Day Vegan cleanse!!! Obviously more veggies are in my future :-) Or maybe it is stress??? I need to do that 2 minute relaxation thing again!!!

day two...

Both of my babes are sleeping right now, not sure how long that will last. Probably not long at all considering I just sat down for a few minutes of alone time :-) 30 Day Vegan is going really well for me. I haven't had any cravings, which has been really nice. I think the amount of crackers I am eating has something to do with that though. This morning I kept checking the website for the new article, it made my morning slow right down, which was really nice.

My new favorite thing is this which was amazing and so helpful! Try it! You can thank me later!

Monday again!

It seems like Monday comes so quickly these days! But, this Monday I was actually looking forward to. The official start to Project Simplify and 30 Day Vegan. Of course last night I thought everything would be derailed. I could not get warm for the life of me. It was horrible! I was convinced I was coming down with something and went to bed super early. Sometimes I have difficulty regulating my temp due to my burns, and I think that must have been what it was. Then at about 2am, I was warm, hot is more like it. So strange! But, this morning went off without a hitch. We were all up early because we had gone to bed early. Actually, I don't mind that so much. Coffee was waiting for me, and we all sat down for green smoothies apples and almond butter for breakfast. It was quite good!

I am going to try and give up the caffeine for the month, and really I should give it up altogether, but I just love that cup of coffee in the morning, or my tea...also caffeinated. But, in order for this cleanse to actually work, I think ridding my body of the artificial is probably a good idea.

And I am happy to say that the first "hot spot" for Project Simplify is the closet. I pared down A TON when we rented out our entire upstairs. I had no room for my clothes, and honestly, most of them are so ratty and old and had to be thrown away anyways. I have all of my clothes in my one armoire now, in addition to Emma's dresses. Now that we are moving back upstairs I will have a chance to pare down even more. And it will give me a good excuse for going through the kids clothes...which I need to do...desperately. The one problem living in a house built in the 1800's? No that helps me keep the amount of clothes I have in check. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work the same way for my husband. I think that I will go through his clothes too. I know he will never do it!

So today I am still trying to organize the disaster that is my house. I am slowly getting books and toys moved into our new school/toy room. I mean, I still have the big pile of blankets and sheets that need to be put someplace, not sure where yet. But, it is getting there. Is there such a thing as cleaning your house so you can clean your house? Because I think that is where I am at right now :-) Hope you all are having a lovely Monday!

Tomorrow is THE day...

You know the one I'm talking about...the one where I decide to go vegan for 30 days AND try to organize my house. Yeah, it should be interesting to say the least. I will tell you this weekend has been challenging. With our tenants moving out I assumed I would be completely moved into the upstairs this weekend, making my "project simplify" quite easy. In my dream like state I assumed that I would have all the furniture moved, the entire house cleaned from top to bottom, and all of my clutter...well de-cluttered. How wrong I was!

So, in anticipation of pictures being posted, please bear with me! I am slightly concerned people will think I am a slob. Maybe that is ok :) Maybe there will be other mamas whose pictures look like they are slobs too! That is my hope anyways...

My other plan? To have my kitchen look as lovely as all the other kitchens that have been shared on the 30 Day Vegan blog...yeah...not even close! I had hopes of getting everything organized and in lovely glass jars, ha! Instead, I have empty wine and beer bottles on the counter, and some pots that definitely need to be washed by hand instead of going through the dishwasher. Well, at least I was able to get to the grocery store sans babes and buy what I needed...for the most part. I still need to get some more quinoa...any idea how long quinoa stores for? I have some in a mason jar but can't remember when I bought it...probably 6 months ago.

On the plus side? My bed is upstairs, granted, my clothes are downstairs...but that is beside the point, the bed is upstairs! Which means we get to sleep in a pretty empty room, ahhh...relaxation :-)

How is everyone else doing? Am I completely off my rocker for attempting these challenges???

recipes for the week!

We just got the new recipes for the week, and I have to say I am really excited. There is so much variety, meaning I won't get bored, and hopefully Matt won't notice the lack of meat in the meals. Not that we eat a lot of meat right now, but when I tell him we are doing "vegan" he has all of these assumptions, which are wrong, but he is a typical american meat and potatoes kind of guy!

A lot of the recipes have ingredients that I already have in my cupboards, which makes it so much easier to do for me. Being on a tight budget I was slightly concerned that I would end up having to buy all these expensive vegan specialty foods, but so far, not the case at all! I think the hardest part will be breakfasts. I am fine just having a green smoothie, but I can picture Matt needing something more substantial, so I am thinking potentially giving him some granola and almond milk, or maybe some homemade bread and almond butter. That should do it. As far as the littles, well, Jack will be getting the benefits of my good diet by nursing, and Emma, well I think that she will be pretty easy to satisfy, as long as she can continue having eggs she should be good :-) Granted, eggs, totally not vegan, but we buy them from a great farmer at the market so I feel fine about giving them to there are days when all she will eat is egg something. For being 2, that works for me. Plus, she too is still nursing, so bonus for her too :-)

My plan is to try and get to the grocery store this afternoon, but I am not feeling too confident about that. Maybe when Matt gets home from his other job I can do that. This weekend looks to be completely insane. Tomorrow we have a gathering at a friend's house for all the young couples at church...child care provided, yes please! Of course it is my mom who will be watching my kids, all the nanas and mimis and grams will be there for the babes. I will be snowmobiling, at least for a little while. Then Sunday it looks like we will be having a last minute trip down to Mass to see my brother and sister-in-law to help them in some possible big changes down there. Add to that we are supposed to be moving all of our furniture upstairs and Matt has to work because his work deadline is fast approaching...have I mentioned how crazy my life is lately??? Prayers would be appreciated! I need some serious stamina to keep up with a 6 month old, 2 year old, and a husband who tends to work 80 hours a week...Can I go on vacation yet???


Why is it that when I fall asleep at 7pm with the littlest of my littles, that I then wake up at 11:30pm, in turn waking my babe up, and then staying up until 4:30am? Me, not the babe. It seems like I constantly have stuff floating around in my head, so if it takes more than a nursing to get my babe back to sleep, well, I am up for the long haul.

Is anyone else like me? I have a million and one projects I want to start in my head, but I can never seem to get past the thinking stage. Maybe that is why I have so many projects in there! I have been spending some time going through the blogs of others that are doing the 30 day vegan workshop, and I am glad to know I am not the only one struggling to find my center and concentrating a little on *me* I know, selfish, right? But, I need some me time as of late. Eventually I will get there, obviously not right now, and hopefully the 30 days will help me!

I think this past week we have been eating like crap in preparation for eating really well! Think, subway for lunch and burritos for dinner loaded with all the extras. In fact, I am about to embark on chips for breakfast. I figure I deserve it since I was up all night :-)

The progress is very slow moving to the upstairs. We have friends helping this weekend though, so that will be nice. I have most everything clean now, but need to get furniture and other *stuff* upstairs. I am hoping that as I unpack boxes that we haven't been into the past 8 months, I will be able to get rid of more that we don't need. At the same time, there are some things that I know are packed away that I am very much looking forward to using again, and decorating my home with, pictures being one of them. I only have so much wall space downstairs!

The reorganization of my books is also a big deal for me. We have so. many. books. However, I have already gone through them all and gotten rid of as many as I am willing to part with at this point. I have been buying a lot more books on my nook, but sometimes I just want the actual book to look at. I guess I am still caught between old and new where technology is concerned!

Does anyone else feel that way about technology? I have to say that I LOVE gadgets, and if I had more money, I'm sure I would have every single one out there. However, I am really trying to take a step back from the internet as of late. I even went so far as to delete my facebook account. I figured that I really didn't need to be stalking all the people that I was friends with, so first I deleted about 500 of my nearest and dearest, which left me with about 70 people, mostly my family who did not post to facebook, and then some really close friends whom I try to actually speak to on a regular basis anyways. Lately, I have been feeling the need to spend less time e-mailing, and more time writing actual cards and letters.

I think this is a trend in most parts of my life right now though. I, on one hand, want to be self-sufficient, eat an all local diet, have little chickens and goats running around my yard; and at the same time want to live in a nice little suburb with the opportunity to buy whatever I want and fully live in the consuming society at large. OK, so I am weird. But, anyone who knows me already knew that :-)

A few of the things ruminating in my mind on very little sleep last night. Hope it is coherant!

goings on

Well, the kiddos have been sick. It seems like forever ago that they got sick, but it has only been a couple weeks. Having sick babes is not very pleasurable for me, probably not for anyone actually!

Our tenants moved out late last night. I am in full cleaning mode now. Technically I should be waiting until the start of project simplify but I at least need to get the general cleaning from the tenants done. I'm also attempting to get all of our stuff into the additional 5 rooms upstairs. It isn't quite the way I wanted to move upstairs. I had these grand ideas of painting, and redoing, but these will not be happening now. So, we make due until this summer when we can accomplish some of these things!

Today is also the unofficial start of the 30 day vegan cleanse. This is the one I am most excited about. I don't necessarily want to be a vegan, but I think this is right up my alley, and I could definitely use the encouragement and community that this program is going to allow. Next Monday is the real start date, but we gained access to the website today, and that is very important. I am hoping that I can stay strong through the next 30 days. And I also hope that I don't go completely broke from buying the food :-) Heather has talked a lot about this being an individual experience that can be adapted to each person's needs. It will be nice to do something for myself for a change. I definitely have been having a rough time of it as of late, and this will hopefully help me get back on track. Who knew 2 babes would be as difficult as it has been?!

In other news, we have gotten MORE snow. I think this winter is making up for last winter. In Maine last year I remember I planted my peas the first weekend in March...that is definitely not happening this year! But, I think that warmer temps are on the way, and having the sun out today is helping my mood!!