Christmas Presents!

What a year for me as far as making Christmas presents.  I was trying to do ALL homemade.  I think just about everyone received something I knit this year, except for the guys...hopefully next year they will also get hand made present.

For all of the ladies I made these really neat knit envelope holders.  I put some nice note cards, as well as a Micron pen which I absolutely love for my letter writing.

For my nieces I made little canvas bags with a fun fabric inside.  It was filled with little goodies like fabric paint so they could decorate them as a craft after the holidays.  I also knit a little scarf for my niece's doll to match the one I made her last year.

For the kids, Matt and I made them little tents.  I think they came out really well.  They do need either some rubber on the bottom of the wood, or some sort of hook for the top so that they don't fall down on our slippery hard floors.  As long as they aren't rough housing in them, they are fine, but as soon as someone falls into one, it is all over :-)

I made the kids hats, Emma a scarf and a pair of socks.  Poor Jack only got one sock, the other one is on the way :-)  I also made Jack his little Eli doll.  He likes it.  Emma got two little baby dolls to match her Ellie doll.  I didn't put eyes on any of them, and she promptly told me that they need eyes, so I will be looking for some embroidery floss when my craft room is clean again.

Overall it was an amazing Christmas season for us.  We had a lot of people over for family and friend parties, and I made a lot of awesome food.  I hope to maybe scale back how many presents I need to make next year, or start this month.  :-)

What was your favorite present to give or receive this year?  As always I am linking up with Ginny and her awesome yarn along.


  1. What a lovely holiday you created! Amazing projects. I'm taking note of those tents. I think we need a couple of those around my house!

  2. Great gifts! I bet eveyone was very happy.

  3. So awesome--you did a GREAT job! You did such a wonderful job of personalizing them also---I bet the kids are loving their tents as they look so fun!

    I seriously loved receiving practical things this year---a floor mat for the back of the car to protect it from dog fur & muddy paws, hand-made earrings, a silk tote bag that crumples perfectly to fit in my clutch, my sister's used waffle maker & organic cook book. And as always my favorite things that I gifted were the donations to those who otherwise would have been without---meals to the Mission, clothes for a family on campus, items for the deployment care packages.

  4. I think it's fabulous that you made so many of your gifts, quite an accomplishment! And, I happen to LOVE my new card, I need to start writing! Oh and my girls have been busy with their new puffy paints and bags...Riley's doll is the proud owner of a new scarf! Thanks Auntie !!!

  5. SO jealous! I want you to make ME some Christmas presents--those are awesome!
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  6. LOL my daughter is always the one who insists on eyes an such :) And I am glad I am not the only one who made her son wait for half his present LOL


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