Happy New Year!

Welcome back!  I have obviously changed some things around here on my little piece of the internet.  I hope that you like what you see!  There are quite a few subjects I am passionate about, and to randomly write them down was not really working in my brain.  I felt scattered!  And I am sure my readers may have sensed that :-)  Organization in real life is essential, so organization on this blog was next on my list.

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday, and that you are all gearing up for the new year with new goals and new adventures on the horizon.  I know that I certainly am.  After the stress of the holidays, I am always anxious to start fresh.  That means everything, from moving furniture to going through my wardrobe to cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and everything in between.

I love the start of a new year.  It allows me to reflect on the prior year and really get down to what I want to change and accomplish in the new year.  This year I have a lot that I would like to accomplish, whether or not it will happen, well I am hoping that a lot of reflection and lists will help!

If there is something you would like me to write about, please don't be shy!  Ask away :-)

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  1. Changes look great! You got your own domain :) I kept wondering why you weren't showing up in my feed lately. Happy New Year to you too and I hope for a great year ahead of you!


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