innermost house

Heather at beauty that moves posted a link to this video this past week.  It definitely inspired me to downsize our life.  I wonder if it would be possible for a family of 4 to live in such a space...probably not very comfortably, but it would be wonderful to have that peace and quiet.

What do you think?  After watching the video is it something you would want to do?


  1. I don't think I could live in something THAT small but it's a concept I'm really into. I feel like houses in the US have gotten HUGE when we really don't need that much space. I like the idea of using more outdoor space that can also function like a room. Our rental (for just the 2 of us) is pretty large and I sometimes feel guilty about it. I can't imagine myself in a much larger house than what we have now, even if we do have kids at some point though. Its such a neat concept to live small but gain more! :)

  2. I go back and forth. I do love my large house, it makes it easy for me to keep the kids entertained all day long. But, there is something about the simplicity of this small house. I think maybe I could do it if it were just me and Matt...or maybe just me :-) But, with the babes it wouldn't be practical. It looks so calming though.

  3. WOW! Interesting...and SO not for me! Cozy, warm and economical though!


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