Organized Simplicity Part 1

This year is all about living intentionally for me.  I want to be able to look back at 2012 and know that I was living life to the fullest, not holding back, and being fully engaged with my family.  I decided to start this journey by working through the book Organized Simplicity.  I hope you will join me!

I have been re-reading Organized Simplicity.  It is the second time I have read it.  The first time was when it came out back in November 2010.  Around that time I had an infant and toddler, stuffed 2500sf of stuff into our 950sf first floor so we could rent the rest of the house to a family of 5 (including another infant), and had my husband attempting to work from home.  Let's just say life was slightly overwhelming!

A few months after that, we found out our tenants were moving, and I planned a huge purge.  Now, almost a year later, I am ready to do it again.  It is interesting to me the amount of stuff we accumulate.  We still have boxes that we stored in my mom's shed when the tenants were here.  Who knows what is in those boxes...I wasn't so organized when I packed them, just had to get them out of the house!  But clearly, it isn't something I really need (unless it is my white wine glasses which I discovered were missing when we were hosting Thanksgiving...).

Part one of this book is all about living simply in the real world.  What a concept, right?  Instead of thinking about how much you can get rid of, think about what you surround yourself with.  What does simplicity mean to you?  If that collection of china is important to you, by all means keep it, if not, why are you holding onto it?

This is where the family mission statement comes in.  How can we define our purpose as a family?  How do we know what is really important to us?  It is very easy for me to get caught up in how everyone else feels before attending to my own needs.  I have seen that continuing on that path is not good for me, emotionally or with regards to my nuclear family.  Unfortunately, I am still concerned with being perceived as selfish, such is life though.  And I know now that I need to take my own life seriously :-)

I think that a family mission statement will help in decision making.  It will help with deciding which goals are actually important, and which goals are really not going to help us in the long run.  It will help to show us what should be included in our life, and what should be far far away.  It will help us build relationships with others.  In short, it will allow our family to pursue our dreams, no matter how outlandish they may sound to everyone around us.

Tsh has an entire chapter on writing a family mission statement, but she also has the information available online here.  My hope this week is to be able to find a couple hours to sit down with my husband and flesh out what our family mission statement is.  I'm sure that once the kids are a little older we will need to re-evaluate and include them, but for now it will just be Matt and I.  I hope to have one to share next week...wish me luck!

Do you have a family mission statement?  Or an individual mission statement?  I would love to read them if you don't mind sharing, or if you have written about mission statements on your own blog, please leave a link!


  1. Organized Simplicity has been life changing for me. Being able to see stuff through the filter of a family purpose makes a HUGE difference. It changes everything...for the better!

  2. I love this--I'm so glad you're going to be posting about this. I think I've gotten away from my personal mission statement since getting married---this is good food for thought and a great reminder. Keep sharing and good luck this next week writing one, Know you'll create a great one for Matt & you to move forward with however---what a great conversation.


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