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Ahh seed catalogs.  They are my weakness.  How can your head not turn with the beautiful pictures and names like calypso and painted serpent cucumbers; cherokee purple or green zebra tomatoes?  Always enjoyable to read through the catalogs.

Two years ago I placed a large seed order, started my seeds when I was supposed to, and then at the end of April was visited by someone from the city.  Little did I know that the next two summers would be filled with men digging up, filling in, and re-digging the majority of my yard to put new sewer pipes and water lines  Luckily now I know where all of the pipes are and have moved my garden accordingly.

We are forgoing our summer CSA this year, and I figured that starting from seed would be the smartest (and least expensive) idea.  I think that most casual gardeners tend to go to their local greenhouse in the spring and pick up seedlings and go from there.  I may still end up doing that this year, but my hope is that my seeds will be awesome and I will overnight become a master gardener...hmmm...I might need to set my sights a little lower.

Deciding which seed to buy is always difficult for me.  What is going to grow well in our short season?  Will we have a wet summer or a hot and dry summer?  What do I want to eat, and will I have enough backups in case what I plant is a total failure?  This is what I have decided on:

From Fedco

Provider green beans
Robust White popcorn
Coral shell peas (which is what I normally plant, they are sweet and delicious!)
Blacktail Mountain watermelon
Calypso pickling cucumber
Lemon cucumber
Raven zucchini
Blue Hubbard winter squash (if I can get the seed for it, they seem to always sell out before I place my order)
New England Pie pumpkin
Atomic Red carrot
Purple Haze carrot
Copra onion (supposedly an excellent storage onion)
Bordeaux spinach (super early baby spinach, and it tastes delicious in my green smoothies)
Green and Red Salad Bowl lettuce mix
Kale mix
Early jalapeno
New Ace sweet pepper
Black Prince tomato
Green Zebra tomato
Cherokee Purple tomato
Amish Paste tomato
Dark Red Norland potato
Yukon Gold potato

From High Mowing Organic Seeds

De Cicco broccoli
Belstar Hybrid broccoli
Impala cabbage
Rainbow Mix chard
Tom Thumb popcorn
Listada di Gandia eggplant
Dinosaur kale (also excellent in my smoothies)
High Mowing Mesclun Mix lettuce
Yellow Cipollini onion
Sweet Chocolate pepper
Long Pie pumpkin
Pink Beauty radish
White Icicle radish
Toma Verde tomatillo
Golden Midget watermelon (i just really liked the name)

Clearly this is an insane list, and I probably won't end up planting half of it, or I will end up having one plant of each one.  I still have a basket full of seeds to supplement my new order as well.  My plan is to have enough lettuce/spinach/swiss chard/kale to keep me going through the summer.  I also obviously want to have tomatoes/peppers/cucumbers/carrots/onions/summer squash, and then the pumpkin/potatoes/winter squash as well.  It seems like all the basic vegetables we eat.  And I figure if my seeds totally bomb, I can go back to the greenhouse and get what I need.  Luckily I only get a couple seed catalogs...could you imagine if I got more?!

Is there something that I should add to my list?  Do you start seeds in the winter?  Are you planning on growing something new this year?

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  1. We just got our Territorial Seed catalog in the mail and I am start to go through the same thing you are going through right now! Craziness! I want them all! LOL.. but reality has to set in. Happy planting and Happy New Year! Found you at Homestead Revival Barn Hop!

  2. Horray! Looks like a very plentiful garden! Good for you!

  3. Nice list! I would suggest replacing the green zebra tomatoes with something else. When I grew them, many of them got blossom rot, and they were very annoying to stake. They also didn't taste particularly special. However, once I did get them to grow, they were plentiful. Yea for the start of the growing season!


  4. Love your list, but I do have a question- do you have a seed-starting system set up? I experimented with seed-starting 2 years ago and was successful with it, but didn't have the garden space prepped well enough and the grasshoppers demolished everything that didn't dry up (we have clay soil that was not amended). With so many varieties, how will you know how much of each to plant? Do you use graph paper to design your garden spaces?

  5. I do have a system. Well, I mainly have a lot of lists of when to start what. I have a post next week about starting a gardening binder, so that might give you more of an idea what I do. I do use graph paper to map out my space, but I also have A LOT of pots that I plant in. I have had great success with all of my peppers in the self watering garden boxes. This year I am going to try and do a 3 sisters garden with squash/beans/corn, and then try and do the succession planting. I will probably end up only planting half of what I order though, if I am being realistic :-)


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