Hello Mornings Challenge

I have decided to take a break from Organized Simplicity.  Not because I am not still trying to work through the book, but because I have been a bit sick, and haven't had as much time as I had hoped to work on purging :-)  Instead, I thought I would talk about the Hello Mornings Challenge.

This challenge is all about getting up before your kids in the morning, having some quiet time with God, taking time to plan your day, and exercise.  This is the second time that I have done this challenge, the first time I failed miserably :-)  This time it has been going so. much. better.  I think that having the quiet time is extremely important for me.  It gives me a chance to center myself, and get prepared for the craziness that follows.

We are currently on week five, and I am happy to say that I have been doing so well this time around.  I am getting up insanely early.  Most days it is by 4:30.  This means that I am going to bed much earlier as well.  Surprisingly, I love it.  I think part of the help is how early the sun goes down.  Having more of a rhythm with the sun is working well.  Obviously I am up before the sun is up, but to sit on my couch, read my Bible, journal, and then see the sun coming up outside is an amazing experience.

I have been able to get the quiet time in, and also had some success with the planning of my day.  The one that I am struggling with is getting exercise.  But, my body doesn't function as well that early.  Instead, I am trying to work out a little later in the morning while the kiddos are watching their show.  I am hoping that when the challenge is done in another 6 weeks I will be able to continue getting up early.  Then maybe in the summer I will get out for a walk in the morning.

I find that I have been happier.  It has been easier to deal with tempers while keeping my own.  I am not needing to take time to work on what I need to do in the morning, because it is already done.  How awesome! I am able to be fully concentrated on my kids.  It has been a great experience.

Has anyone else done this challenge?  Do you try to get up early or sleep in?  I don't remember what sleeping in looks like :-)  I also don't remember what staying up until 10pm looks like...


  1. I'm glad that's working out so well for you! I do a little of both....up at 5:30 and down to bed at 10:30 most nights. Doesn't help with my mood on some days but it seems to be the only way I can get it all done!

  2. I plan to get up by 5 AM every morning. But somehow it doesn't seem to happen. I am going to challenge myself on this one starting this week. I'll let you know how it goes! I'm sure it would bring such organization and grace to my days.


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