Organized Simplicity - Part 3

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day?  I do, just about every day.  It might be because my babes are growing so fast right before me, or the fact that I can't seem to manage my time well enough to accomplish everything I want to do in one day.  The next few chapters in Tsh's book Organized Simplicity are all about management.  Managing your time, your money, and your home.

I would love to say that I have it all together as a stay at home mama.  I would also be laughing hysterically if I ever did say that :-)  My day starts very early.  I like that.  I like to be able to have a bit of quiet time in the morning, I like to drink my coffee and watch the news.  And then, based on everything that I try to fill my day with, my day is over, quick as a flash, and I am not even leaving the house!  If I try and have a leisurely day, spend time with my kids, go out for the morning, not do a lot of cooking...well nothing actually gets done, and then I have to double up the next day.  I'm not complaining, I love my time at home with my babes.  I need to understand that I have an 18 month old and a 3 1/2 year old.  Life will be chaotic...especially with my younger thinking he is some type of daredevil.

It was nice to read the time management chapter and realize it is ok to say no.  It is ok to put limitations on your outside commitments.  Not to be mean to others, not because you don't want to be social, but because your immediate family needs to come first.  It is definitely something I am still working on, and probably will continue working on until my kids are a little more able to take care of themselves, and I have a bit more time to myself.

This second time through Organized Simplicity is showing me that I really do want to decrease the amount of stuff around me.  I mean, I have been there for sometime, wanting to downsize, get rid of stuff that we don't necessarily need.  Stop letting stuff into the house that isn't beautiful or useful to us as a family.  I am finally starting to give myself permission to have those feelings and not be as concerned about how it looks to others outside my home.  Funny that it has taken until I am almost 31 to find that kind of confidence in myself, right?  

For now, I need to realize that if I cook 3 meals/day from scratch, homeschool my babes, write a blog, and want to play with my kiddos while they still want to play with me, there won't be as much time for re-painting the kitchen, or washing all of the windows every week.  That's ok.  And if I have dishes piled on the counter when someone visits, well, at least I have clean coffee mugs and a comfortable couch to sit on.  I'm sure that when I start purging the house my time will start to be freed finding the time to do the purge...hmmm...

Do you try to fit too much into your day?  How do you deal with the disappointment of only accomplishing one thing on your to-do list each day?


  1. I really want to keep purging - I find it a great way to free myself of all that junk!

  2. I had to laugh at this post because this is so me..."I would love to say that I have it all together as a stay at home mama. I would also be laughing hysterically if I ever did say that :-)" Don't we all wish we could be like Ma Ingalls boy did she have it all together and that was without washing machines and electric heating. I do believe that being a house mama is a process and it is constantly evolving as our children grow older things need to be changed and tweaked...
    I have also learned that less is so much more.. this is the year for simplifying my home too and getting rid of junk, and just organizing everything around the house!!
    Boy do i wish there was more time in a day especially the days when school runs into the afternoon and I don't get to sneak in a little cat

  3. You had me laughing too. I sure don't have it all together. I might if I really knew what the day and the kids would throw at me, but as soon as I think I might be getting somewhere the kids get a day older and are completely new..

    It is amazing to me how much time it takes to stay home as well... who knew :)


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