I really love football.  I always have.  I come from a town that is big on football, and the fact that I played in the band meant attending a lot of football games.  But, the Superbowl, that is something else entirely.  The opportunity to make a ton of food I normally would not - and eat it of course, the commercials, and most definitely the game.  Especially this year, since we are big Patriots fans.

Each year I try and do some different recipes that I have never made, but have always wanted to.  Last year it was the bloomin onion, which was awesome by the way.  This year I have a lot of beautiful recipes pinned on my Superbowl Pinterest board.  And here it is two days before the big game, and I have no idea what I am going to make!

There is one thing that I will be making.  It is a staple in my house, and it is a great Superbowl party food.  Not to mention it is actually a very healthy dish.  What is this staple?  Well, guacamole of course!  If you have been reading here for a little while, you know that I love spicy Mexican food, and guacamole is a great pairing with that...or honestly on its own :-)

My Guacamole Recipe

5 ripe Haas avocados cut into small squarish pieces
5 vine ripened tomatoes seeded and chopped
1/2 red onion finely chopped
1 jalapeno finely chopped (you can omit this if you want - or seed it for only a little spice)
1 clove of garlic made into a paste (chop into pieces/sprinkle with salt/use a fork to mash into a paste)
juice of one lime

Mash all ingredients a bit in a bowl, mainly just mixing it all together.  Add salt to taste.  Best guac recipe ever :-)


  1. I love guacamole! On our "must have Superbowl" list as well !

  2. All I want is a nacho chip for taste guacamole! I am so excited to begin our Whole Foods is so great to meet such nice people like yourself. Have fun this weekend.

  3. Ha I've been loving watching your "pins" show up. Not sure what hub will do---he's the big football lover in our house. We talked about superbowl briefly this morning and he told me it should be a happy day for me---9 mons to come w/o football. Bahaha. :)

  4. We're not into football at our house, but we are totally into guacamole. My recipe is very similar to yours, and it's definitely a favorite. Have fun tomorrow!


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