what is wrong with this picture?

Can you see what the problem is here?  I'm sure you can.  It seems quite obvious to me of course, perhaps because it is my knitting.  That would be my sock there.  My sock, which was ready for the heel to be started.  Have you figured it out yet?  Well, the problem, is that there are only 2 needles with stitches, and 2 needles in the ball of yarn.  Typically I would have 3 needles, unfortunately, somehow *cough, my children, cough* the stitches came off one needle, and then those stitches were unraveled...a bit...So, I am currently frogging the beginnings of my first adult sock, and will cast on again this weekend perhaps...or maybe not :-)

Instead of starting over, I decided to start something else.  I am a gal who loves to have many projects going at once.  I can't really stand to work on one thing for any length of time.  Which is probably good, since I don't usually have any length of time to work on my knitting :-)  One of my crafting goals for this year is to make sweaters for everyone in my family.  My strategy is to do the babes first, it is so much easier knitting for them.

I cast on yesterday for a sweet little sweater jumper for my Emma.  I haven't really figured out where I am going with it yet.  I started with a bit of a basket weave pattern.  I think that I will end up making the straps as ties so that it will hopefully last her a while.  I want it to start out as a dress, but hoping that it can be a pullover sweater type thing when she gets a little bigger - or when I shrink it in the laundry, whichever comes first.  I made something similar for her when she was 1, and she wore it until this year, but now it is too short.  So back to the needles I go!

I picked out this green color with Emma last fall, knowing that I would want to make her some type of sweater, and she really liked the yarn.  Is my babe the only one that enjoys picking out yarn?  It is probably one of her favorite activities...perhaps because I typically will buy the yarn if she asks for it...how can a mama resist!?  But this green is definitely special, it brings out the color of her eyes perfectly!  Now, if I can get it finished before her birthday, I will be one happy mama!

As far as reading goes...I just finished A Love That Multiplies by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.  I know that a lot of people have a very negative feeling towards them, and the fact that they have so many children, but I don't.  I think that it is great.  They are able to support them, and they all seem quite happy.  I really enjoyed this book - I have also read their other book :-)  There is a bit of redundancy, but overall I think it is a nice story.  They talk a lot about having their micro-preemie, and the challenges they faced because of that.  Overall, I thought it was a very uplifting book.  The love that they show their family, to me, is very inspiring.  It makes me think about how I react to my two children.

As always, I am linking up with Ginny and her yarn along!  I can't tell you all how wonderful the comments on my very basic knitting projects are.  Thank you!


  1. um. that doesn't look basic to me...lol. i am still REALLY basic! the color is beautiful for the sweater, and good luck on the sock!


  2. I'm with you on needing several projects going at once... and as for pesky children.... ;))

  3. Oh my, I saw the problem with your sock right away and it really did make my stomach fall! Glad to hear you are so calm and are moving on.
    I like the Duggar's too, although my huband doesn't [maybe he is just worried I might want that many children :)]
    Have a happy yarn along day.

  4. Good luck with your sock! That is something I always dread and at times have to set a no-knitting-with-boys-around rule (that sticks but saves my sanity.)
    I want to read the Duggars' book too. I certainly don't agree with everything they do but find them a really interesting family.

  5. The sweater looks beautiful - love the color! I agree with you about the Duggars and have no problem with them whatsoever. Live and let live :)

  6. Oh I hate it when that happens. Usually when I've left it sitting for a few days. The heel is not the easiest place to pick up stitches either. Love the green wool. Looks fresh and spring like.

  7. Oh yuck for your sock frogging. I ended up finally using those rubbery end point thingies (can't remember the proper name right now - need more coffee) to keep stitches from falling off the needles. Hope all goes!

  8. I love the color of the sweater. My goal was to knit my daughter a sweater every year. She's 2. I made one when she was a newborn. The one I made for her 1 year birthday was too small. I haven't even thought of a pattern for her 2 year birthday (which was in December). I did make her a hat though! :-) And she's taken stitches off my socks before too. Frustrating!!

  9. My only issue with the Duggers is that I worry that the continued pregnancies will affect Michelle Duggars health. I'm 38 years old, myself, and that automatically puts me in the high-risk range.

    I'm from a family of seven children, so having a problem with a larger family would be hypocritical. ;-)

  10. love that color for the jumper sweater. how talented are you! looks great!

  11. Oh that is to bad about your sock. I'm working on some baby socks right now and had to pull out the heel myself because I accidentally droped a stitch quiet a few rows back before I noticed and those teeny tiny stitches were no fin tracking. The color of your sweater is very pretty though and I love reading the Duggar books to :) Happy knitting!


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