Whole Food Kitchen - week 2

This week is all about setting up your pantry and kitchen to work for you while concentrating on whole foods.  Which is perfect, because this week I am working on purging and cleaning my kitchen as part of my "Organized Simplicity" series.  I am not really of the mindset to throw everything away and start over.  Well, I am of that mindset, unfortunately my bank account doesn't cooperate with me all the time :-)  Instead, I try and replace things as I go along, and build up my stores.

For a while I would only buy a couple bags of beans at a time; pinto, black, navy.  Those are my go to beans.  But, over the past couple of months, I have been using so many beans in my everyday cooking that I am trying to stock up a bit more.  What I don't like is having all those little plastic bags.  So, I am slowly transferring them into glass jars.  I haven't found a good source of bulk beans, ie it is cheaper for me to buy 1lb bags at the grocery store, I don't want to buy 25lbs of beans at a markup, which means I still do have those little bags, but they are somewhat hidden.  I do like to see what I have available to me.  And honestly I think anything stored in glass looks nice :-)

I haven't had all the success in the world at sourcing some ingredients, such as miso.  My grocery store doesn't seem to carry it.  Oh, they carry instant miso soup, but that isn't what I am looking for.  I haven't had the energy  or time to go to the health food store to look.  It is not in my city, just a few towns away, but I don't really run any errands in that area.  I will have to wait until my next trip to goodwill to drop off the ever growing donation piles.  But, since I have never had miso, I feel like I am ok with not finding it right off.  I'm not necessarily missing out on anything.

The workshop has been extremely interesting so far.  There are wonderful forums, and everyone seems nice.  I haven't seen anyone be judgmental, which is always a concern of mine.  People have so many ideas and opinions, and a lot of time think theirs is the only right way.  Food is especially personal.  Just because I don't choose to eat red meat, doesn't mean that I am going to glare at my husband if he wants a steak.  I mean, I might glare at him for other reasons, but eating meat isn't one of them :-)  Whatever makes you feel the best is probably what should work for you.

That is what this workshop is all about for me.  I want to find what works for my body, for my kids' bodies.  I can see how they react to different types of food.  How foods that I can't imagine anyone not liking (cheese for one), Emma can't stand, and wants nothing to do with.  Whereas Jack loves cheese, but really shouldn't eat a lot of it because he ends up with rashes.  It is fun to try new recipes, but really, I want to be a healthier person, and make sure that I am getting a good diet that gives me the energy I need to keep up with two little kids and all the other parts of my day.

And as an update, I have been eating cheese all week.  We have a lot left in the fridge from the craziness of superbowl food...so haven't quite gotten to the eliminating dairy part of my journey :-)  It doesn't help that my husband refuses to give it up...and it is a little too easy to go to the fridge and grab some cheese.  Especially if I am having a busy day...

Are you spending a lot of time in the kitchen recently?  Trying any new recipes?  Do you buy bulk foods off of Amazon?


  1. Food is a constant obession (love it), struggle (fear of what to eat myself, feed my children) and goal of mine (eat better, more homeade, etc). I do enjoy hearing how your Whole Foods journey is going and love reading about the new recipes you're trying. Good for you!

  2. HI form a WFK participant. I love beans and am now keeping mine in jars, too. Except my kids won't eat them--do yours? I think it's the texture.

  3. @Jamie - my kids do eat beans, but I think it is because that is what they have always eaten. My oldest didn't get her first tooth until 15 months (crazy late), and so the only protein type foods I would give her would be beans. Then when she had all of her teeth I tried giving her meat, and she wouldn't touch it, and still won't (she is almost 4). My youngest got his first tooth at 9 months, and will put chicken and beef in his mouth, but then spit it out. He likes black beans because he can pick them up easily. I also use a lot of seasonings because they are so bland :-) I think if you start serving them a lot more, and have them try a little bit each time, they will start to get over the texture. Good luck!


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