whole food kitchen - week 3

I am definitely enjoying this workshop.  I hope that Heather will do it again in the future.  I have been trying to eat a more whole food/plant based diet for so long now, but it has been put into really simple steps.  The recipes are amazing, and have all been hits with my family.  They are easily adaptable - which is important since I can't follow a recipe for my life. :-)

I have been talking about going dairy free for a long time now, but today is the start of such craziness.  I don't know where I will be in a week, or if I will slip (several times) and eat the cheese that we still have in the house.  I do have a thing for popcorn and parmesan...And I guess I won't be completely dairy free since I am still planning on having cream in my coffee in the morning.  At least my afternoon tea no longer contains milk!  I might see how almond milk in my coffee would be.  I think I would like the nutty flavor, but not entirely sure yet.  Has anyone tried this?  Would be interested to hear your experience.

I am hoping to put together a lot of information on dairy in the coming weeks.  Mainly for my own benefit, but I hope others will garner something from it as well.  My main thing with whole foods is that I don't like to find replacements for what a Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is.  I am not big into all the fake cheeses, the soy meat products.  Honestly, who really wants a tofu hot dog?  I'm not trying to be insensitive to people that enjoy such things, but I would prefer to steer clear of those products.  Mainly because of the list of ingredients.  So many chemicals I have no clue about.

I am very much looking forward to spring, and fresh lettuce from the farmers' market.  This winter has been so strange, not that it is over by any means, we can have huge storms up through the end of March/beginning of April, but it has been so mild and with very little snow.  Last week we had a 50+ degree day, and if there hadn't been a couple inches of snow on the ground I would have been clearing out my front and side flower beds.  I am thinking about when I can plant my peas, and whether or not I should plant some kale while it is still cold.

How is life in your neck of the woods?


  1. Need to watch Forks Over Knives this weekend. Can't give up my feta. I've scalled back though. Have you made those raspberry oat bars yet?

  2. @Jessica - no, i haven' made the raspberry oat bars yet...but I hope that I can have a bit of time to do it this weekend. And trust me, once you watch Forks Over Knives you are going to rethink your cheese...definitely my biggest problem :-)

  3. I so wanted to do the Whole Foods course, but I didn't know about it in time and then couldn't afford it anyway. I'm hoping she will run it again another time and then I can put the money away for it! Everybody is raving about how good it has been!

    1. It really has been a great class so far! I think she is planning on offering it again next year. I would also suggest her 30 day vegan class which I took last spring, it was great. I'm not sure if she will run that this summer or not, but it was a good class with some awesome information.


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