Whole Food Kitchen

One of my education goals for this year was to learn more about nutrition and also to eat a more plant based diet.  What better way to start myself on this journey than to enroll in Heather's Whole Food Kitchen workshop.  You may remember that I took the 30-day Vegan Cleanse back at the beginning of last year.  I loved it.  Of course about a week in, I realized that not eating animal products was too restricting for me...at the time.  I realize now that I rarely eat anything animal based.  What I do have on occasion are eggs and cheese, from our local farm, and I feel fine with that. My kids love eggs, and don't eat any other animal products, so if they have some local eggs, I am definitely ok with it.

I'm not sure my husband is entirely pleased with our diet.  But, with the cost of grass fed beef, or even chicken, we are not a "what meat will I center dinner around" family.  Instead, we (I) spend a lot of time trying to find new ways to serve beans.  Luckily, we love Mexican food, and beans are a staple with Mexican.  I do get bored with Mexican, however, and would love to find some new ways to prepare food.

I don't think it is necessarily a question of whether or not we could be vegan (or at least vegetarian sans dairy), but it is more about the support.  There are few people around here that would ever think that I was making good food choices for my family by not eating meat.  I think that this workshop will be a great eye opener for me.  It is not strictly vegan, instead it is a whole foods approach.  Following your body with what feels right.

I think that it will be a great opportunity for me to eliminate dairy from my own diet, by using some excellent vegan recipes, or substituting.  I also think it might help my husband to eliminate some dairy.  Although he says he feels better when he eats meat, I sometimes wonder if it is just because he is returning to what is comfortable to him, and less about "feeling better."

Here I go shooting myself in the foot, but in the last year we have eaten very little meat (beef/chicken/fish) and we have not had nearly as many illnesses as we typically do.  My next thought is to eliminate dairy.  I love cheese, and can't really imagine my life without it, but I feel worse when I eat it.  Not only that, but my first two (and only 2) pregnancies I have had serious problems with breathing due to excess phlegm (sorry, graphic) and both times I was prescribed a nasal steroid spray, without even questioning what my diet was like.  Now, if I had known as much as I know now about the potential problems with dairy, I may have decided to change my diet first instead of taking an prescription that I was completely uncomfortable with, but thought there was no other option.

I am definitely looking forward to finding out more recipes, and learning about a wholefoods lifestyle.  It is baby steps, and I am thankful that I have the time and resources to explore that in my own life.

How are your educational goals going this year?  Are you learning anything new?


  1. I'm anxious to try the recipes we got yesterday. My eating habits are just awful and I know this will be such a positive step for me. My hubby refuses to give up his meat. I think you are right - it is a comfort thing for them. I'm hoping he learns to eat less meat, if nothing else.

  2. Best of luck with your journey into whole foods. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing 3 months for us all.

  3. I think Heather's approach falls right in line with your (and my) needs...baby steps! Being gentle with yourself and your family...as you journey toward lasting change. About the coiled denim basket...sorry so late in responding...but I am sure you could hand sew...it did take me 4 hours with a machine, but it was a fun project. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I'm in the process of eliminating all dairy and eggs, too. I've been a vegetarian for 4 years but have developed high cholesterol. Probably because of all that cheese (and genetics). I miss it and can't find a good replacement on pastas, Mexican dishes, and the like. Beans are just so much better with cheese! Good luck!


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