project simplify - week 4

This week we got to choose our own "hotspot" for Project Simplify.  I had no idea what to do.  I knew I wouldn't have enough time to really get through an entire room, since I am still in the middle of making my house work for me.  Instead, I decided to go with the two armoires that we have.

When we bought the house, it was split into a duplex.  There was the downstairs part, where we were going to live, and the upstairs part, where our tenants were currently living.  Well, we had TONS of work to do on the downstairs, so we weren't really quite that concerned that there didn't seem to be any closets.  That was until we moved in and realized we had no place to put our clothes.

So we bought these beautiful armoires from Pier One, they match the rest of our bedroom furniture.  Of course, when we bought them, they didn't have a place to hang clothes either.  Apparently, armoires are no longer made to hold clothes, but instead to hold TV's.  So my handy husband fashioned a couple of bars to put in their, and we removed the shelves.

i actually alphabetized my DVD's a couple weeks ago...i kept all the important know like Center Stage and Willow...oh and of course Legally Blonde

After we realized that the renters we had were not great, and also realizing that what is now our master bedroom would make a perfect studio apartment, and we decided to move our bedroom upstairs.  Well, my beautiful armoires...they are kind of heavy...and not really able to be moved upstairs without a lot of trouble, so they stayed downstairs...with our clothes still in them.  Eventually, my husband built us a closet bar upstairs, and our armoires sat downstairs, pretty much empty.

Jeepers there is a lot of empty space in there...I guess putting things back in their place helps!

Finally, last year, I realized what I wanted to use them for.  One was for Emma's (and eventually Jack's) school stuff and books.  So while that one is completely messy and disorganized, it has a good purpose.  The other one, I would use as kind of a personal storage cabinet.  It ended up being a hodge podge of books, board games, DVD's, printer paper, extra notebooks.

I finally was able to come up with some good ideas for storage.  All of the little pieces that go to Emma's word plaques, shapes, other little odds and ends, well I put those in ziploc bags.  While I really like the boxes that they come in, they are impossible to keep in there, which is evident by the fact that I am randomly finding little letters all over the place.

The other armoire I will keep as a storage cabinet, but since summer is coming our blankets will be housed in there, as well as the printer supplies.  And probably I will keep extra notebooks and some of my green living books in there as well.  I am hoping that Matt can build me a couple more shelves for the cabinets, because there is a lot of wasted space.  Great for a large TV, or hanging clothes, but not so much as book shelves.  I need to make room in the school closet for Emma's new books anyways, which we will be getting soon.

I am pretty happy with how everything turned out.  And I am hoping that it stays organized.  But, I also have to remember that there are three other members of my family, who don't necessarily take the same care when taking things out of the armoires, and then putting them back in.

How do you get your family to help your recently cleaned stuff stay organized?  I haven't found a trick yet that works :-)

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  1. I live in a houseful of boys...nothing is organized :) no matter how hard I try (except my sock drawer...that's always tidy) If you find a trick that works, please, please do share!

  2. When you find something that works let me know! Thanks for the inspiration. My house is getting a good cleaning out this weekend. Now let's hope I can get everyone else on board with that!

  3. I love armoires! Nice job organizing them!
    I work on asking and showing to get my family to help keep things organized. I try to make sure I am asking them (nicely) to do what I want and showing them how to do it. I realized I can’t expect the other members of my family to do something unless they know I want them to do it and they know how to do it. Also, a thank you for even the little things goes a long way in encouraging repeat behaviors!
    I found over time my husband got on board with cleaning and organizing because he realized how nice it was to have an uncluttered, clean, organized space to relax in. HE is the one that can’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink now! Sometimes it just takes awhile for others to realize how nice a clean organized space is. Once they realize, they are much more likely to pitch in!

  4. I like the way you repurposed your armoires! It looks really good! As far as getting family members to help keep things organized, I'm still trying.

  5. Happy to see all that Harry Potter in there. :)

    1. It is a very important part of my life :-) Very excited that the books are now available on the nook. My 1-4 in paperback are seriously in need of an upgrade!


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